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Being Mom: How Spore Probiotics Make Every Phase of Motherhood Easier

The Probiotic Piece of the Puzzle (whether you’re pregnant, a new mom or an experienced mom of 5)

No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in – trying to conceive, currently pregnant, a new mom, or a master mom of five – good gut health can make life easier. Yep, you heard it right...and it's TRUE!!

Your microbiome – the trillions of bacteria (good and bad) that live in your gut – has the power to transform every phase of mom-ing from stressful and sleepless to calm and revitalized (really!). And that’s not all…

Getting your microbiome into tiptop shape can also:

  • Increase fertility
  • Reduce your risk of gestational diabetes
  • Strengthen your baby’s microbiome
  • Alleviate postpartum depression
  • Get your body clock back on track
  • Increase restorative sleep
  • Supercharge your nutritional status
  • Put an end to troubling GI issues (like constipation and bloating)
  • Calm your stress reactions
  • Boost your mood
  • Improve your immune system (kids are giant germ magnets)

Sounds like a fairytale… but it’s all true. Because your gut bacteria impact every one of those aspects of being a mother. And a stronger microbiome makes everything easier.


FERTILITY: The microbiome fertility bump

If you’ve been having a hard time getting pregnant, you’re not alone. More than six million women in the U.S. share that struggle. See the stats here.  

And while fertility is a complex issue, your gut plays a bigger role in the process than you might expect. When your microbiome is out of balance (a condition called dysbiosis), bad bacteria outnumber beneficial bacteria, and that can make it much harder to conceive.

Pathogenic bacteria and yeast strains can make your body less welcoming for a fertilized egg. They can also be hostile to sperm, blocking conception all together.

On top of that, bad bacteria produce LPS toxins, which are just as bad as they sound. These harmful compounds can do all sorts of damage, especially if they escape into your bloodstream – a condition called toxic streaming. That’s a common problem created by dysbiosis. And toxic streaming sets off an “overkill” immune response that can get in the way of fertility. 

Toxic streaming also causes inflammation throughout your whole body. Inflammation can interfere with your cycle, hormone balance, ovulation, and overall reproductive health. 

But rebalancing your microbiome with high-quality spore probiotics can improve those issues. A healthy gut prevents toxic streaming, reduces inflammation, and supports procreative hormone levels… and that can help make your baby dreams come true.


PREGNANCY: Healthy microbiome, healthier pregnancy

Your microbiome naturally changes dramatically during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. In fact, in the last few months before birth, your microbiome will look more it belongs to someone with diabetes. 

That’s ok, it’s supposed to do just that. Suddenly, your microbiome will become much less diverse – normally a sign of problems, but beneficial here. Your gut will start favoring bacteria that increase blood sugar and body fat to keep you and your baby properly nourished. Your microbiome will also see decreases in pro-inflammatory bacteria and increases in anti-inflammatory bacteria. Read more on that here.  

But some things can throw that special pregnancy microbiome out of balance, such as:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Antibiotics
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) diseases, like leaky gut
  • Unhealthy diet

When that happens, it may disrupt your healthy pregnancy. That could lead to pre-term labor, an unhealthy microbiome for the baby, and infections (for either or both of you) right after birth. 

Supplementing with probiotics can help you maintain a healthy microbiome during your pregnancy… and help get your baby off to their healthiest start.



NEW MOM: Probiotics beat the postpartum blues

Sleep deprivation… diaper changes… spit up…

Being a new mom is about a lot more than joy and love. We all have to deal with the crying (the babies and ourselves), sleepless nights, and new worries. It’s hard to find time to eat right and take care of ourselves.

And most of us also end up with some level of baby blues, including full-on postpartum depression.

Believe it or not, taking spore probiotics can help – especially with the blues. 

Why? Because your microbiome has a huge, direct impact on your mental health. That’s because your gut makes most of the feel-good brain chemicals (known as neurotransmitters) that help lift your mood. Those key neurotransmitters include: 

  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)
  • Norepinephrine

When your microbiome is unbalanced, your body can’t produce those naturally anti-depressant compounds. That can take a terrible toll on your mood, and increase your risk of postpartum depression. It can also make it much harder to sleep at a time when you desperately need sleep.

By resetting your gut with spore probiotics, you can make sure your body has all the beneficial bacteria it needs to support your mental health…and let you get some much-needed sleep.

(Check out what this Well + Good article has to say on the topic, including this quote: Shawn M. Talbott, PhD, a nutritional biochemist in Salt Lake City, Utah, also points out that the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth can affect the gut-brain axis and vice-versa. “Gut flora changes quite a lot from pre-pregnancy, to mid-term, to delivery,” he says. “The vast majority of the mother’s serotonin and dopamine is made in the gut, so disrupted microbiome balance can influence her mood dramatically.”)  



MOMMY MODE: A Healthy Microbiome & the Mellow Mom


From “terrible twos” tantrums to homework-itis to teen driving lessons, even the happiest mom’s life is chock full of stress.

No matter how much we love our kids, parenting is stressful. And stress can take a terrible toll on your gut.

You know how worry makes you sick to your stomach? Or how your toddler’s mid-mall meltdown hits you in the gut? That’s how stress works. It slows down blood flow to your digestive system to make it easier for you to run away from a wild boar – only we’re not being chased by wild animals any more, and our stress doesn’t disappear after we find a safe hiding spot. 

Ongoing stress – and what parent doesn’t have that?! – can harm the probiotics (beneficial bacteria)in your gut and let the “bad guys” take over. And since the probiotics are responsible for managing cortisol, the stress hormone, an unbalanced microbiome makes it harder for you to manage stress.

But a healthy, well-balanced microbiome can help your body manage that stress better, so it doesn’t get out of hand. The trick: Nourish your gut with a steady supply of high-quality spore probiotics to keep stress hormones under control.

In addition to the stress factor, kids are natural germ magnets… and germs are the one thing that always gets shared. Since your gut plays an out-sized role in your immune system, keeping your microbiome in fighting shape can help make sure you don’t get every cold your kids bring home.


How else can spore probiotics make mom-ing easier for you?

  • Helps your body break down food and convert it into energy
  • Produce essential B vitamins for an added energy boost
  • Help you reach and stay at a healthy weight
  • Produce neurotransmitters that boost mood and support healthy sleep cycles
  • Sharpen your memory and brain power (which really helps with algebra homework)

With a healthy microbiome in your corner, mom-ing will be more manageable and enjoyable. Just Thrive supplies the spore probiotics you need to reboot your gut and balance your microbiome… and help you get the most out of motherhood at every stage.