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Dark Chocolate Gut Nourishing Blueberry Bars

Guest recipe and blog by Sarah Mason @laurenlobley We are taking the stress out of stress-eating with these dark choc...

. 7 min read

Eat Your Way to a Better Mood

What to eat, what to avoid, plus the secret to quickly unlocking your best mood

. 11 min read

How Gut Imbalances CAUSE Depression

And how addressing your gut can lift the gloom

. 12 min read

One-bowl Lemon Zucchini Muffins

Guest recipe and blog by Sarah Mason @therootedblonde My mouth starts watering every time I think about these muffins...

. 5 min read

Why Stress Makes Your Farts Smell Worse

Plus how to keep stress from turning you into a fart factory

. 7 min read

Tired of Looking and Feeling Older Than You Are?

How to Revitalize Your Life and Slow Down The Age Clock

. 10 min read

Chocolate Pudding in the Raw

Guest recipe and blog by Ligia @Ligiasfreshbowls Craving something sweet, but trying to steer clear of added sugars a...

. 2 min read

Just Calm Chocolates

Guest recipe and blog by Sarah Masons @therootedblonde What’s better than a piece of chocolate? Especially around Hal...

. 4 min read

Zen Butterfly Pea Lemonade

Guest recipe and blog by Ligia  @ligiasfreshbowls Ready to make some magic happen with Zen Butterfly Pea Lemonade??? ...

. 3 min read

Your 2-Pronged Approach for Beating Stress

The keys to calming your body and mind

. 8 min read

Is It Stress or Anxiety?

Plus What You Can Do to Feel Calm and Relaxed

. 6 min read

7 Self-Care Strategies to Soothe Emotional Distress

Plus How to track your trends and stay steady

. 6 min read