Is Stress Driving Your UTI's?

The surprising connection and how to overcome it.

Do you feel like you get a UTI whenever something else is going wrong? A bill you didn’t expect, problems at work, a fight with your partner… plus a urinary tract infection to boot?

And now you start to expect it. Whenever you’re upset or stressed about anything, you just know a UTI is on the way.

You’re not wrong. Stress can increase your chances of getting a UTI and make it harder to get rid of. And that alone can be stressful, so it may feel like you’re stuck in an endless stress-UTI cycle that seems impossible to break. But it’s not.

With the right information and plan of action, you can stop the stress cycle and help your urinary system stay healthy and comfortable.

UTIs and the Toll They Take on Your Life

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have), you know how painful and frustrating they are. You feel like you can’t escape the bathroom. They interfere with your sleep, your workday, and your love life. And they cause nasty symptoms including:
  • Unbearably frequent urges to pee
  • Feeling like you need to pee again even though you just did
  • Cloudy or bloody urine
  • Painful burning sensation during urination
  • Urine that smells weird or bad
  • Abdominal pain and pressure

Worse yet, when you’re dealing with recurrent UTIs, you may start to feel helpless, hopeless, frustrated, and stressed[1], and that stress can make things even worse.

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Why Stress Makes You More Susceptible to Urinary Tract Infections

Stress… especially long-term stress… impacts your health in many ways, and that includes raising your risk of infections like UTIs.[2] When your body is in a constant state of fight-or-flight—like it is when you’re under stress all the time—it takes a toll on your immune system.[3]

Chronic stress affects your immune system in multiple ways such as:[4]

  • Suppressing immune function
  • Increasing susceptibility to infections
  • Decreasing the number of immune cells
  • Decreasing immune function
  • Promoting inflammatory responses

Stress can also directly affect urinary tract issues. Research shows that ongoing stress affects urinary function and can intensify symptoms.[5]

So stress compounds the problem, and UTIs are stressful in their own right. Add to that dealing with dismissive doctors and taking the same antibiotics over and over again, and the stress pile has grown even bigger.

Conventional Treatments Don’t Help the Long-Term Problem

If you’re frustrated by frequent rounds of antibiotics that just don’t seem to work over the long haul, you’re not alone. Millions of women suffer from recurrent or resistant UTIs… and also suffer from the uncomfortable side effects of the antibiotics themselves. Double the suffering, none of the comfort!

It’s not you. It’s the medications usually prescribed for UTIs that aren’t working for you. And there are a few reasons that could be happening.
  • Antibiotics do nothing to improve or strengthen your urinary tract. They have one job—killing bacteria—which does nothing to support urinary health.
  • Many UTIs are caused by fungus such as Candida albicans, and antibiotics can’t treat fungal infections. Worse, treatment with antibiotics can actually trigger Candida overgrowth.[6]
  • In around 46% of cases, doctors prescribed the wrong antibiotics to treat their patients’ UTIs.[7]
  • Drug-resistant UTIs don’t respond to antibiotics, and these resistant infections have become increasingly more common.[8]

But even when antibiotics do work to clear up a UTI, they do absolutely nothing to prevent the next one. And serial treatment with harsh antibiotics can damage your long-term wellness.

Your best option: turning to nature for urinary care and support.

Woman with urinary issues and UTI holding SOS sign

3 Plants That Deliver Proactive Urinary Tract Comfort

Plants contain hundreds of distinct compounds. So a single plant remedy might be used for a wide range of issues from vitality to healthy stress management to urinary comfort… and they work. That’s why people have been protecting their urinary tract health with plant extracts for generations.

Over the centuries, three powerful plants have stood out as the most effective for urinary health. Each one delivers a unique solution… and they work even better together.

1. Cranberry

If you’re living with UTIs, you’ve probably drunk gallons of cranberry juice. After all, women have been turning to cranberry juice for hundreds of years to deal with UTIs. That’s because these rich red berries contain numerous plant compounds, including some with antimicrobial properties. To gain the full benefits, though, just juice won’t do. You need the whole berry—juice, skin, flesh, and seeds—for true urinary tract support.[9]

Whole cranberries contain natural compounds called PACs that keep bacteria from sticking to your urinary tract, a property called adhesion. When they can’t stick, they get flushed out, keeping your urinary tract safe and healthy.[10]

2. Hibiscus

Hibiscus works as an antimicrobial AND antifungal agent.[11] It also contains acidic properties that keep your urinary tract pH at the right level for optimal health. It has protective effects on the urinary tract.[12]

A specific hibiscus extract called Ellirose™ has also been shown to soothe occasional urinary tract irritation. In a clinical trial, Ellirose™ brought welcome relief to women experiencing occasional urinary tract challenges. According to the study, taking 200 mg of Ellirose™ daily helped reduce their recurrence of urinary discomfort.[13]

3. Black Cumin Seed

Even though you’ve probably never heard of it, black cumin seed keeps pace with cranberry when it comes to urinary tract protection. Black cumin seed contains a potent natural compound known as TQ (thymoquinone). TQ gives black cumin seed extract the ability to address potential urinary tract disruptors before they can cause problems.[14] Black cumin seed also helps rein in Candida albicans, a common fungus that can interfere with urinary health.[15]

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