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The Link Between the Gut Microbiome and Cancer

New Discoveries

Your microbiome – which is made up of trillions of bacteria that live in your gut – could hold the most important medical breakthrough of the century. As it turns out, scientists believe specific gut bacteria hold the answer to cancer. 

More specifically, scientists believe that certain gut bacteria may dramatically improve outcomes for cancer patients (read about the research here). And having a healthy microbiome may just help prevent pathogens - like the ones that initiate cancer - from ever developing.

So then the question becomes: Can spore probiotics turn your gut into a cancer-fighting machine? Read on to learn more…


Gut bacteria: Changing the Course of Chemotherapy?

For years scientists have been baffled about why cancer drugs work for some people and not others. 

Now, finally, they’ve uncovered one likely answer: Treatment success seems to depend on the particular mix of bacteria in the cancer patient’s microbiome. Recent news on this topic was published in March 2019 in Smithsonian Magazine

Why does treatment vary from person to person? Because the gut hosts about 80% of immune system. Newer cancer treatments – called immunotherapies – rely on patient’s immune system to work. So then, it makes sense that gut bacteria can make an enormous difference here.

In fact, it turns out that some gut bacteria stop cancer treatment from working… while other bacteria are critical for treatment success. 



Finding Important Poop?!

Many studies have linked cancer to diet – and that's just what led scientists in the microbiome direction. Their research - as unbelieveable as it sounds - started with poop.

Scientists looked at stool samples from cancer patients, and uncovered an important clue. The patients with cancer were missing key bacteria from their microbiomes…bacteria that healthy microbiomes (without cancer) contain naturally. Healthy bacteria support immune system function and, without them, immunotherapies and other cancer treatments simply aren’t as effective.

That idea was backed up by animal studies. Researchers compared microbiome samples from cancer patients with both successful and unsuccessful treatment outcomes. Scientists then transplanted the gut bacteria into mice with cancer, and gave the mice anti-cancer drugs. The outcomes showed reduced tumor size in mice that received “successful” gut bacteria experienced reduced tumors, but not in mice who received gut bacteria from patients who didn’t respond to treatment.

Now that research confirms the importance of the microbiome for cancer treatment, the next step will be human clinical trials. 

One problem: People tend to be reluctant to share their poop (not a big surprise!). One of the leaders in this field is asking for poop donations from cancer patients and survivors. The more poop they get, the more they’ll be able to learn about how gut bacteria influence cancer development and treatment. If you’d like to help, you can learn more about how to donate your poop here


Strengthen Your Microbiome to Prevent Pathogens

A healthy microbiome has more good bacteria (probiotics) than bad bacteria (pathogens). Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to bring on dysbiosis, when the bad bacteria outnumber the good. And when that happens, it sets the stage for all sorts of health problems…including cancer. (see the research here

Dysbiosis can cause some factors that lead to cancer, including

  • Widespread inflammation
  • Poor nutrient absorption
  • Weakened immune system
  • Lower production of essential nutrients, antioxidants, and short chain fatty acids

On top of that, some pathogenic bacteria (such as H. pylori) actually help cancer develop and grow. 

Luckily, you can rebalance the microbiome with spore probiotics and help turn the gut into a healthy, pathogen-fighting machine. 



How Spore Probiotics Protect You

Spore probiotics offer the best chance to rebalance your microbiome, and give beneficial bacteria the edge. Research shows that the specific strains of spore probiotics in Just Thrive Probiotic can reboot your gut – and take it from dysbiosis to healthy – within just 30 days! (check out the study here!)

Plus, the four clinically-proven strains in Just Thrive Probiotic offer unique health-boosting benefits, including:

Bacillus subtilis produces antibiotic-like substances that keep pathogens under control and let beneficial bacteria flourish.

Bacillus indicus HU36 produces powerful nutrients and antioxidants – including lycopene and astaxanthin – that help fight oxidative stress in the intestines.

Bacillus coagulans produces a special form of lactic acid that profoundly affects immune stimulation and microbiome defense.

Bacillus clausii can withstand many antibiotics (which typically wipe out all beneficial bacteria along with pathogens). That allows it to help probiotics survive and thrive during a course of antibiotics, so the “bad guys” don’t have a chance to get control.

Strengthen your microbiome and your immune system today with Just Thrive Probiotic. Because a healthy gut is your best defense.