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Gut Health

Athletes + Probiotics: Achieving Peak Performance


With Olympics at the center of attention, here’s what you should know about probiotics and athletes in training…

Two major concerns for athletes in training are 1) recovery from workouts and 2) staying healthy. Why? Because slow recovery hinders progress and getting sick interrupts training AND can affect performance on competition days.

A study released in 2016 demonstrated that high-intensity training increases inflammation and actually increases the presence of leaky gut in athletes. Leaky gut then increases systemic inflammation, which hinders recovery and also suppresses the immune system, thereby increasing the risk for getting sick.

Just Thrive is the only probiotic that has been shown, in a human clinical trial, to fix leaky gut. It is paramount to an athlete in training to take Just Thrive to get the most out of their workouts and diet and to keep their body in top form.

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