Gut health, body weight, immune function, mental health…

Your microbiome is crucial to living your best life and feeling your healthiest.

But between environmental toxins, highly processed foods, medications and everyday stress, our microbiome is literally being starved of the good bacteria it needs to thrive.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to nourish your body with products that will promote healthy bacterial balance and growth.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already made the smart choice to recondition your gut with Just Thrive Probiotic.

The next step towards total gut restoration is reinforcing your new beneficial bacteria by feeding them the foods they need to strengthen, grow, and compete against unfavorable microbes.

That’s where prebiotics come in.

Fueling Your Bacteria

PREbiotics are the fuel for the growth and strength of your probiotics.

Similar to how the right fertilizer can help your garden grow, the right PREbiotic acts like a fertilizer for your probiotic garden, helping your newly planted bacteria thrive!


In the same way that most mass market probiotics are largely ineffective (because they can’t survive the trip from your mouth to your gut), most prebiotics available today have one glaringly problematic characteristic.

They feed good and bad bacteria equally.

If you’re trying to balance your gut by increasing your good bacteria... But then you’re feeding ALL the bacteria in your intestines… You’ll be promoting the growth of harmful pathogens, making it near impossible to achieve optimal bacterial balance.

Not only is this counterproductive, but it can further exacerbate digestive issues...

To properly support the new beneficial bacteria from your probiotic, you need a food source that is smart! One that can distinguish between good and bad bacteria.

Leading-edge Precision PREbiotic

Whether it’s drink mix or capsules, our Precision PREbiotic takes things to the next level.

We call it “Precision” PREbiotic because we’ve painstakingly researched ingredients that have been clinically shown to feed ONLY good bacteria.

Our PREbiotic formulati on contains specially designed types of oligosaccharides.

Oligosaccharides are carbohydrate fibers that are THE MOST IMPORTANT source of food for good bacteria.

In fact, if you look at mother’s milk - which has been perfected by evolution to give newborns exactly what their bodies need to survive and thrive - it contains an abundance of oligosaccharides. Why? Simply put, they are the best types of fibers to selectively feed the beneficial microbes in your gut.


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Benefits of our Precision PREbiotic:

Can more than DOUBLE the population of good bacteria created by your Just Thrive Probiotic

Contains three clinically tested prebiotics that selectively nourish and support beneficial gut bacteria

Improves probiotic diversity and balance in the gut microbiome

Encourages survival and growth of crucial keystone probiotic strains linked to optimal health

Supports healthy gastrointestinal, and immune system function

Increases nutrient absorption, including essential minerals like calcium and magnesium for strong bones

Increases feelings of fullness for easier weight management

All-natural, non GMO, and made WITHOUT soy, sugar, salt, tree nuts or gluten

Paleo, Keto, and Vegetarian-friendly formulation

Precision PREbiotic and Keystone Bacteria

In architecture, a keystone (sometimes called a capstone) is the wedge-shaped stone placed at the highest part of an arch that locks all the other stones into position. In effect, it’s one of the most important building components – A critical element that supports and strengthens the entire structure.

In much the same way, your gut contains keystone bacteria – Microbes that are disproportionately beneficial to your overall gut health and wellbeing:

A. Muciniphila

Plays an important role in metabolism – which affects body weight, blood sugar, and heart health – and has been shown to promote fat loss.

F. Prausnitzii

Can increase the production of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that maintains healthy intestinal cells, and may support liver health (crucial for your body’s natural detoxifying function).


Can also increase butyrate production, as well as producing essential B vitamins and promoting lean body mass.

As you can imagine, making sure that your keystone bacteria is fueled and fed appropriately is the highest priority of any optimally functioning prebiotic.

The Just Thrive Precision PREbiotic does just that. Our proprietary blend of functional, clinically-tested-and-published fibers (listed below) specifically feed these keystone bacteria.

And according to studies, the effectiveness of our fibers are quite impressive:

Prebiotic Fiber


  • increased populations of A. Muciniphila by 8,000% in 5 weeks
  • increased populations of F. prau by 100% in 4 weeks
Prebiotic Fiber


  • increased populations of Bifido by 9% in 8 weeks
Prebiotic Fiber


  • increased populations of Bifido by 10% in 6 weeks

Adding your PREbiotic to your gut health
regimen is easy!

Adding your PREbiotic to your gut health
regimen is easy!

Drnk Mix – For ages 4 and up:

  • Start with ½ scoop daily for the first week
  • Then increase to 1 scoop daily with or without food
  • Mix your PREbiotic powder with 16 oz. of cold water or blend into your favorite beverage (we love putting it in our smoothies!)
  • Children under age 4: please consult your healthcare provider

Capsules – For ages 8 and up:

  • Start with ½ a dose for the first week
  • Then increase to a full dose daily with or without food, or as recommended by your healthcare provider

The Precision PREbiotic will prepare your digestive tract for all the beneficial microbial changes created by your new Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant.

Paired together, these core gut health power players will help to promote a strong and diverse microbiome!.

Whether you choose the drink mix or capsules, each container of Just Thrive Precision PREbiotic contains product for 1 serving per day for 30 days.

And just like with your Probiotic, the PREbiotic comes with a Bottom of the Bottle Guarantee

Just Thrive® is passionate about good health, and we ensure the integrity and quality of our products. That’s why we’re proud to stand behind every sale with a 100% customer satisfaction “30-Day Bottom of the Bottle” Guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase of any Just Thrive® product from, return it to us for a full refund* – even if the bottle is empty!


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What others are saying about Precision PREbiotic

My new favorite!
Tastes great and we all tolerate it well unlike most prebiotics.
– A Aylward

I know it's working!
Not to scare anyone off, but I had a really bad die-off reaction (feeling sick like I had the flu) for a few days after starting a half dosage of this prebiotic. It was rough but I know it was working, then! I'm feeling a lot better a week later and am moving on to a full dosage. I'm also taking activated charcoal to help with the detoxing my body is going through. Thank you, Just Thrive, for making a quality product that actually does something beneficial for your gut!
– R Indihar

Okay just had my first glass of PREbiotic mixed into water - did not expect it to taste so freakin good. Honestly I’d buy this drink just to enjoy the taste!
– Olive

Your products have changed my life
Honestly, there isn't enough time to tell you how much your product has changed my life! It's not just the IgG, it's also the probiotic and prebiotic. And your products, along with some other protocols I'm following are radically healing me...and fast! It's astonishing. I'm hooked. You have a customer for life AND I'm telling the whole world about you too. Several of my friends and students have already purchased and many more will too. When you've found the best probiotic on the market, you share that info!!
– Kiara McBain

I know I’m doing the best I can to keep my aging body in the best of condition by consuming Thrive products. I trust the products and the company. Customer service is excellent.
– M Solomon

Important addition
I’m finally beginning to feel like my health is improving, thanks to Just Thrive Pre & Probiotics (& some other supplements). Thank you!
– G Lee