How to take Focus & Memory


Congratulations! Your brain is about to feel ridiculously awesome thanks to Focus & Memory. 

Before you start enjoying your new product… 

Let’s quickly review some best practices so you can get the most from your purchase.

#1: When To Take Focus & Memory

On a typical day, take 2 gummies just before breakfast or with a mid-morning snack.

If you’ll be tackling more intense cognitive tasks – Consider taking 2 gummies just before to spark your mental agility.

Note: If you are sensitive to caffeine, we do not recommend taking the gummies after mid-morning.

#2: How Long Does It Take Focus & Memory to Work?

While many customers report feeling a difference quickly, here’s a general time table for what you can expect:

Weeks 1-4:

  • You find it easier to concentrate for longer periods
  • You’re beginning to recall details with greater ease

Month 2:

  • Building on the first month's progress, tasks become more manageable
  • Mental energy and motivation are improved
  • Your memory continues to sharpen

Month 3 and beyond:

  • You notice significant shifts in focus and sustained attention
  • Your memory feels stronger and clearer
  • Increased mental energy becomes your new normal
  • Motivation levels remain consistently high

#3: No Refrigeration Required

As with all Just Thrive products, Focus & Memory is super resilient and shelf-stable, and will remain fully potent at room temperature.

Here's a pro tip: Because you don't need to refrigerate Focus & Memory, it's easy to keep a bottle with you wherever you go for quick access.

That's it! 

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