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Unlock the Power of Your Gut With…

Mucus might make you think of a runny nose and a giant box of tissues…

But what most people don’t realize is…

Enter Gut 4-tify – The break- through new stress management and mood support formula.

Your gut mucosa is actually one of your body’s most important resources!

Think of it like a bouncer for your body.

When healthy, it stops unwanted guests (harmful toxins, viruses, and microbes) from gaining access to your bloodstream and vital organs...

And allows the essential VIP guests (water, nutrients, and antioxidants) to rapidly get to where they’re needed.

Your gut mucosa works 'round the clock, 24/7 to keep you healthy, but...

Everyday aggravators like stress, alcohol, antibiotics, NSAIDs (ibuprofen and aspirin) work just as hard to take this crucial barrier down.

If your mucosal bouncer doesn’t get the support it needs, it can quickly become weak, brittle, and thin...

Allowing bad guys to pierce holes in the protective confines of your gut barrier...

Flood into your circulatory system...

And disrupt any and every critical system in your body...

For your best digestive and immune health, it’s crucial to keep your mucosal layer and gut barrier healthy and strong...

That’s why we developed Gut 4-tify.

It’s the first formulation of its kind to feature a clinically proven, two-part approach for double the gut barrier support!

Part 1:

Four highly effective amino acids work to fortify the gut lining for optimal protection

Part 2:

Two trademarked polyphenols help seal the mucosal layer to manage any holes, keeping your gut barrier healthy, resistant, and strong.

With this level of mucosa support, you’ll give your body what it needs to address leaky gut, drive immune effectiveness, and maintain smooth digestion.

Gut 4-tify can be your superhero for next-level gut health...

And as you may know, a healthy and strong gut = a healthy and happy you.

The Gut 4-tify Difference:

The first supplement built to keep your mucosal barrier strong and healthy*

Prevents the leaking of bacterial toxins through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream*

Microbiologist-formulated, evidence based, and clinically-proven effective*

Non-GMO and free of gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, and nuts

Proven to:

Effectively address leaky gut for peak digestion and immune power*

Deliver targeted amino acid proteins that can thicken your protective mucosa*

Regulate a healthy inflammatory response for optimal health*

Support the strength of your gut wall for improved nutrient absorption

Just Thrive® Gut 4-tify

Gut 4-tify is the first supplement of its kind formulated to build a healthy mucosal barrier that provides crucial digestive and immune support.
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Why Gut 4-tify is Superior Gut Barrier Support

1. Unlock Your Restoration Potential

Gut 4-tify harnesses the power of 4 targeted amino acids – L-Proline, L-Cysteine, L-Threonine, L-Serine. These protein-based building blocks were shown in a clinical study to support the fortification of the gut mucosal barrier by 95% in just 28 days.

2. Take Control Of Your Bacteria

Gut 4-tify uniquely contains 2 trademarked polyphenol blends – MicrobiomeX® and Oxxynea®. These food-matrix “superfoods” are proven to nurture specific beneficial bacteria that can both soothe your intestinal lining AND show unwanted microbes the door.

3. Support Strong Immune Function

Gut 4-tify aids your immunity in multiple ways: It creates a protective mucosal boundary between the toxins in your gut and the immune receptors in your intestinal wall. Plus it drives your production of butyrate – the primary fuel for your natural killer immune cells.

4. Get Results – Easily!

Most gut barrier products are generally recommended by clinicians to be taken in high amounts (usually 3 times or more daily). In contrast, Gut 4-tify is proven to be effective at one daily dose, making it extremely easy to get maximum benefit.

Why Leaks In Your Gut Can Be The Enemy Of Your Health

“Leaky Gut?... Never heard of it.”

Don’t be surprised if you ever hear this from your doctor or health practitioner because as crazy as it sounds...

“Leaky Gut” isn't a diagnosis found in many medical school textbooks.

And because people with Leaky Gut will often experience a whole array of strange and seemingly unrelated symptoms...

It can be very hard to diagnose, even for progressive doctors in the know.

But if you’ve ever experienced...

  • Extreme fatigue even after a full night’s sleep...
  • Embarrassing gas and uncomfortable bloating...
  • Stubborn extra pounds on your belly, hips, and thighs...
  • A mix of “gotta go” diarrhea and “why can’t I go” constipation...
  • Trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep...
  • Skin issues like itchy or uneven skin, rashes, and break-outs...
  • Depression or anxiety even when everything in your life is going great...

You may have a compromised gut barrier AND mucosal layer...

Together, this dysfunction is what’s known as Leaky Gut.

And shockingly...

Gut microbiome experts estimate that anywhere from 97-99% of Americans have Leaky Gut.

Here’s why that’s such a problem:

When your gut is unhealthy, the toxins that are normally kept locked safely away...

Are able to pierce small holes in your gut lining...

Push past the protection of your mucosal blanket...

And escape into your bloodstream.

Once there, the bad guys get a free ride to any system or organ in your body.

That’s the reason why you may feel such a wide range of seemingly unrelated symptoms...

Whether it’s fatigue, skin problems, brain fog, joint pain, mood issues...

Or even some very serious digestive and autoimmune conditions.

And the worst part?...

Because as much as 80% of your immune system lives in your gut, holes in your gut barrier and a compromised mucosa can lead to weak immune function.

So while all these toxins are streaming through your body...

You’re essentially left unarmed against them.

But there is good news:

With the right support, you don’t have to live this way!

How Gut 4-tify Can Help You Patch Up The Leaks

Think of a leaky gut like a damaged, overly sensitive brick wall with holes in it.

In order to get back to doing its job of blocking dangerous microbes from getting to your crucial systems and organs...

The holes in the brick wall must be addressed.

Because the tissue in your gut is composed of amino acid proteins...

Your gut requires amino acid support to stay strong and healthy.

Gut 4-tify’s unique formulation delivers 4 targeted, clinically proven amino acids, all in their most highly absorbable form.

These aminos are used by your body like a protein “cement” to thicken the mucosal layer, help address the damage...

And quickly protect and patch over the holes underneath.

How quickly?

A study revealed that:

In just 27 days, Gut 4-tify’s 4 amino acids showed a 95% stimulation rate to the mucosal layer.

But Gut 4-tify’s work doesn’t stop there.

It also contains 2 exclusive, trademarked polyphenol blends – MicrobiomeX® and Oxxynea®.

These micronutrient superstars nurture specialized beneficial bacteria shown to soothe an irritated gut AND support the restoration of your intestinal lining.

Even better, Gut 4-tify’s polyphenols ALSO provide crucial antioxidants that:

Can catch and neutralize free radicals before they cause damage...

And support your good bacteria that actively suppresses unwanted microbes trying to break out of your gut (and access your bloodstream).

And when you have the best aminos, antioxidants, and polyphenols working in your favor...

You’ll be able to maintain a healthy mucosa and strong gut barrier...

Which supports great digestion, strong immunity, and your healthiest, leak-free life!

Take control of your best health TODAY with the clinically proven power of Just Thrive Gut 4-tify!

67,000+ happy customers in the U.S. and across the globe

See What Customers Are Saying

“Worked Almost Instantly”

Within days of starting this product, I realized I had been bloated for months without noticing! I began waking up feeling lighter, and without any tummy bloat. I’ve already recommended this product to my family. Love it!

Andrea D Verified Buyer

“Life changer.”

Just an amazing product . The first time taking it, it worked immediately on me. I am so grateful to Just thrive. Thank you so much.

Chanda A Verified Buyer

“Really Helpful”

This product totally seems to help digestive comfort with its support of the mucosal lining. I take it faithfully on a daily basis and am feeling so much better. Thank you for such a great product.

Meribeth D Verified Buyer

“Exactly what I needed”

After a decade of eating clean, avoiding gluten & other foods I was still having issues with my gut. Using Gut 4-tify daily has taken me over the goal line! I feel great every single day now :)

Gloria A Verified Buyer

“Love It!”

I have struggled with gut issues for a few years now and have seen two different naturopaths. This supplement has been one of the most helpful on my journey! I totally recommend!

Kristina J Verified Buyer

“Your Products Have Changed My Life”

Honestly, there isn't enough time to tell you how much your product has changed my life! It's astonishing. I'm hooked. You have a customer for life AND I'm telling the whole world about you too.

Kiara MVerified Buyer

The Most Trusted,
Clinically-proven Products

Just Thrive is confidently recommended by some of the most
trusted names in the health industry:

Just Thrive Gut 4-tify:

  • Is the first supplement built to support the strength and health of your mucosal barrier*
  • Effectively address leaky gut and supports peak digestion and immune function*
  • Helps prevent bacterial toxins from leaking through your gut wall into your bloodstream*
  • Neutralizes free radicals before they can cause damage to your gut barrier*
  • Regulates a healthy inflammatory response for optimal health*
  • Encourages butyrate production (butyrate is the primary fuel for your natural killer immune cells)
  • Improves nutrient absorption and utilization by fostering long, strong, healthy microvilli
  • Microbiologist-formulated, evidence-based, and safe

Health Success That’s Built to Last...
For Less?

Like everything in life, the greatest success comes from showing up and doing your best every day.

And – The longer you stick to a new healthy habit, the better things get!

This is what our customer success stories tell us too.

In fact, the most moving and impressive stories have come from customers who are consistent.

And we’d like to make it easy for you.

When you choose a Just Thrive Gut 4-tify subscription package, not only will your fresh supply of Gut 4-tify automatically arrive at your doorstep every month…

(meaning one less to-do for you to worry about…)

But you’ll enjoy BIG member savings off the retail price!

Get your Gut 4-tify subscription today and
save 18% OFF for the lifetime of your subscription!

As a subscriber, you'll receive FREE shipping and handling AND exclusive access to new product launches and promotions…

But don't wait to stock up and secure your subscriber discount because these prices could go up any day…

To subscribe:

  • Click the button below
  • Chose “AUTO-SHIP” to activate your discount
  • Select your shipment frequency
  • Select how many bottles you want (many customers buy for their whole family)
  • Click “SUBSCRIBE NOW” and you’ll be taken to checkout

That’s it!

Customers LOVE our subscription program for 3 important reasons:

  • We’ve made our membership flexible so it fits into your life. You can skip, pause or adjust your membership at any time.
  • We always send reminders before your next shipment goes out so there are NEVER any surprises
  • Our brand new membership dashboard makes it EASY to manage your subscription. And, for assistance, you can also always reach out to one of our amazing, U.S.-based customer service members.

Remember: no matter what the internet says, there is no magic button when it comes to your health. Practicing a consistently healthy lifestyle is the only “hack” that will give you transformational results that last.

If you’re ready to simplify your life and streamline your effective immune support, then click the button below to get Gut 4-tify and SAVE!

Need A Product Test Drive?

We know that when you take Gut 4-tify as directed, you’ll reap all the rewards!

But... If you’re not 100% happy, we’re not happy.

That’s why at Just Thrive, we have an industry-leading guarantee to offer you complete purchase protection.

If for ANY reason you’re not completely satisfied with your Just Thrive purchase, take advantage of our “Bottom of the Bottle” Money Back Guarantee:

Love your Just Thrive purchase, or request a refund at any time… Whether it’s 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months later… Even if the bottle is empty!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take Gut 4-tify?

Your best health and resilience should always be a top priority… Especially these days!

Unfortunately, our modern world is full of aggressive health enemies that can weaken and thin out your intestinal mucosa… But because Gut 4-tify has been shown to:

Support your immune effectiveness*...
Calm your digestive tract*...
And encourage healthy mucosal barrier function*...

It makes the perfect addition to just about any health routine.

Gut 4-tify can be especially supportive of your system:

  • During times of high stress or uncertainty
  • After an evening of alcohol indulgence
  • If you have trouble with certain foods
  • If you experience any intestinal challenges

Plus, Gut 4-tify has been shown to be extra important for anyone who’s currently taking or previously tried:

  • Antibiotics
  • Nsaids (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

Where are your products manufactured?

All Just Thrive products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

When will I receive my order?

For domestic orders placed on our website, you can expect the order to process within 1-3 business days. After your order ships, most orders are received within 3-5 business days.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, on all orders of 2 bottles of Gut 4-tify – and on ALL subscription orders – you will receive 100% FREE shipping and handling.

Is it best to get 1 bottle per month?

Each order of Gut 4-tify will give you a 30 day supply. However – if you’re dealing with occasional high stress, feeling a bit off, or straying outside the bounds of your diet, you may wish to take more. For this reason, many customers prefer 2 bottles per month to ensure they can be flexible as needs arise.

This is also the reason why many Just Thrive customers choose a monthly subscription to ensure the next bottles are always received prior to running out. (Meaning you can keep your health momentum going!)

Remember: With our subscription member portal, you can easily edit, skip, or pause your next delivery.

Does Gut 4-tify need to be refrigerated?

No! Just Thrive Gut 4-tify is completely resilient and shelf-stable.

Does Gut 4-tify contain any gluten, grains, soy or GMOs?

No, Just Thrive Gut 4-tify is free from unnecessary fillers, and unlike many gut barrier products on the market is completely free of gluten, dairy, soy and GMOs.

What makes Gut 4-tify better than other similar products?

First, there aren’t any other similar products. There are other gut barrier supplements on the market, but no product can match Just Thrive’s breadth of clinically verified research or how effectively Gut 4-tify:

Keeps your mucosal barrier strong and healthy*…

Effectively addresses Leak Gut by supporting the barriers that block bacteria and toxins from escaping into your bloodstream*…

Delivers antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals before they can cause damage to your gut barrier*…

Preserves and regulates a healthy inflammatory response for optimal health*…

And improves nutrient absorption and utilization*...

What if I have a question or need to request a refund?

For any questions, feel free to contact our wonderful U.S.-based customer support team:

Connect with us via phone:

+1 (800) 455-8939

Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm CST (excluding some holidays)

Or reach out via email:

And, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your Just Thrive product, you’re covered by our “Bottom of the Bottle” Money Back Guarantee: Love your Just Thrive purchase, or request a refund at any time… Even if the bottle is empty!

Reviews from some of our

Happy Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Andrea Dunyon
NPS score:
Likes: GREAT customer service. Even went the extra mile for me when I had questions as I was going through an anti-biotic regimen. I have shared that JustThrive email so many times with others that had to face a round of antibiotics
Improvements: Nothing that I can think of!
A staple for me

It is hard for me to know which of the products I use that has made the big difference in my health, because I take the probiotics, prebiotics, IgG and Gut-4-tify. At first I thought the Gut-4-tify made my stools loose, which is not entirely a bad thing, since I have fought chronic constipation all my life. But everything has turned to normal (as in normal for others). Nice to know what normal is now. All I know is I am a tuff case for gut issues, and even a recent DNA report painted the picture I have been dealing with for a life time. I FEEL GOOD, so these products are all a staple for me now. Those that know me, know when I recommend something that works, they take it, so I have recommended all these products many times.

NPS score:
Likes: The produuct themselves
Improvements: Unknown
Life changer.

Gut 4-tify. Just an amazing product . The first time taking it . It work immediately on me. I am so grateful to Just thrive. Thank you so much.

Andrea Duncan
NPS score:
Reduced Bloated Belly Almost Instantly

Within days of starting this product, I realized I had been bloated for months without noticing! I began waking up feeling lighter, and without any tummy bloat. I’ve already recommended this product to my family. Love it!

Mary Hayes
NPS score:
Likes: It appears to be helping!
Need a little more time…

I think this is helping calm down whatever was going on with my GI system. Just reordered as another month of ever improving gut health seems like exactly what I need to obtain more optimal health.

Meribeth Dunsmoor
Really Helpful

This product totally seems to help digestive comfort with its support of the mucosal lining. I take it faithfully on a daily basis and am feeling so much better. Thank you for such a great product.

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