Unlock the Power of Your Gut With…

Mucus might make you think of a runny nose and a giant box of tissues…

But what most people don’t realize is…

Enter Gut 4-tify – The break- through new stress management and mood support formula.

Your gut mucosa is actually one of your body’s most important resources!

Think of it like a bouncer for your body.

When healthy, it stops unwanted guests (harmful toxins, viruses, and microbes) from gaining access to your bloodstream and vital organs...

And allows the essential VIP guests (water, nutrients, and antioxidants) to rapidly get to where they’re needed.

Your gut mucosa works 'round the clock, 24/7 to keep you healthy, but...

Everyday aggravators like stress, alcohol, antibiotics, NSAIDs (ibuprofen and aspirin) work just as hard to take this crucial barrier down.

If your mucosal bouncer doesn’t get the support it needs, it can quickly become weak, brittle, and thin...

Allowing bad guys to pierce holes in the protective confines of your gut barrier...

Flood into your circulatory system...

And disrupt any and every critical system in your body...

For your best digestive and immune health, it’s crucial to keep your mucosal layer and gut barrier healthy and strong...

That’s why we developed Gut 4-tify.

It’s the first formulation of its kind to feature a clinically proven, two-part approach for double the gut barrier support!

Part 1:

Four highly effective amino acids work to fortify the gut lining for optimal protection

Part 2:

Two trademarked polyphenols help seal the mucosal layer to manage any holes, keeping your gut barrier healthy, resistant, and strong.

With this level of mucosa support, you’ll give your body what it needs to address leaky gut, drive immune effectiveness, and maintain smooth digestion.

Gut 4-tify can be your superhero for next-level gut health...

And as you may know, a healthy and strong gut = a healthy and happy you.

The Gut 4-tify Difference:

The first supplement built to keep your mucosal barrier strong and healthy*

Prevents the leaking of bacterial toxins through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream*

Microbiologist-formulated, evidence based, and clinically-proven effective*

Non-GMO and free of gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, and nuts

Proven to:

Effectively address leaky gut for peak digestion and immune power*

Deliver targeted amino acid proteins that can thicken your protective mucosa*

Regulate a healthy inflammatory response for optimal health*

Support the strength of your gut wall for improved nutrient absorption

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Just Thrive Gut 4-tify

Just Thrive  Gut 4-tify

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