Go Beyond Counting Calories (and do this instead)

When it comes to your weight…

Ever wonder why some people can eat almost anything without it catching up to them…

While others must consider the calories in every bite…

And still struggle to keep the pounds down?

The Hidden Key to Sustainable Weight Management

It’s estimated that about ⅔ of Americans struggle with their weight.

Interestingly, studies also reveal that 2/3 of Americans suffer from a gut imbalance—

A condition characterized by too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria.

Gut imbalances can be caused by things like antibiotics, stress, or even just a crummy diet…

And can quickly disrupt your metabolism and slow nutrient absorption –

All factors that can contribute to slow or impossible weight management.

Help Your Waistline By Nurturing Your Good Gut Bacteria

To overcome the impact of bad bacteria, you need to create an environment where the good bacteria can thrive.

And there's a remarkably simple way to do this—incorporate prebiotics into your daily routine.

Prebiotics are fiber-rich substances that fuel the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

They can be found in everyday foods like garlic, onions, and even dandelion greens.

However, if you're looking for more adventurous options…

Here Are 4 Surprising Ways To Load Up On Prebiotics

1. Prune Juice

Even though it’s more commonly used to help with digestive discomfort, low sugar prune juice is also a great source of prebiotic fiber.

2. Jerusalem artichokes

These tasty tubers are loaded with minerals like potassium and contain multiple, gut-loving prebiotic compounds.

3. Cultured Ghee

This centuries-old Indian delicacy, created by clarifying and culturing butter, can help your beneficial gut bacteria grow and thrive.

4. Koso

This funky flavored drink from Japan is made from a combination of fermented fruits and veggies that are easy to digest and loaded with prebiotics.

But here’s the thing…

Even though all of the foods mentioned above are rich in prebiotics…

Realistically you’d have to eat two large onions a day to get a decent dose of prebiotic fiber…

And not a lot of recipes call for Jerusalem artichokes and koso.

That’s why, to make nurturing your gut and your weight effortless…

We developed Precision PREbiotic.

Just one daily scoop of the PREbiotic drink mix is enough to help your good gut microbes thrive.

In fact, studies show that Precision PREbiotic can more than double your beneficial gut bacteria…

Making it a powerful tool for a happy gut, easy weight management, and a healthy you

>> Tap here to see what happens when you start nourishing your gut with Precision PREbiotic.

By the way...

If you’re watching your waistline, one of the smartest things you can do is think about what’s in your gut first.

Prime your body with Precision PREbiotic and watch the magic happen!

Discover how you can save up to 22% off a Precision PREbiotic subscription (scroll down for details)...


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Just Thrive PREbiotic

Just Thrive  PREbiotic

Nourish only your good gut bacteria

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About Product

In the same way fertilizer helps your garden grow, prebiotics are fibers that fuel the growth of gut bacteria. The problem with most prebiotic products is that they feed both good and bad bacteria. Precision PREbiotic contains three 'smart' fibers clinically proven to ONLY feed your good gut bacteria. When combined with Just Thrive Probiotic, studies show it can more than DOUBLE your population of good bacteria.


Learn about each ingredient HERE

How To Take

For Powder:
DIRECTIONS: Ages 4+: Start with 1/2 scoop daily for 1 week, then increase to 1 scoop daily with or without food, or as directed. Mix powder with 16 oz of cold water or blend into your favorite beverage.

Children under age 4: please consult your healthcare provider.

For Capsules:
DIRECTIONS: Ages 4+: Take 4 capsules daily with or without a meal, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not use if safety seal is broken.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Laura Wells
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Definitely helps our teenage son’s stuttering

The probiotics combined with prebiotics has made a significant improvement to our son’s stuttering. Very thankful.

NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Likes: I can trust that it works
Improvements: more rewards or discounts available for loyal customers. I want to continue taking monthly but it sure does add up!!
Huge difference

I started taking the probiotics about two months ago and just added the probiotics into my routine a month ago. I feel great and am excited to continue using!

Noreen Mullaney
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Likes: It works!
Improvements: smaller packaging (containers) for the prebiotic. Maybe cardboard too?
Unexpected surprize

I lost a few pounds just by drinking water and drinking the prebiotic everyday for 2 weeks. AND I feel better too!

NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
Likes: Customer service is really nice
Improvements: Price
Too expensive

I bought these after listening to a very impressive podcast about spore based products. The price is just too high. Eat some dandelion leaves (big time prebiotic) and fermented food and save your money.

Hi Kristina,

Thanks for your review! Our cost is higher than most probiotics on the market because of our two patented strains, HU-36 and HU-58. These heavy-hitting, antioxidant-producing strains have decades of clinical research showing they survive 100% and are therefore highly effective, safe, and verified/licensed from Royal Holloway London University.

Also, anyone with overgrowths like candida or SIBO may not tolerate prebiotics or ferments as they could contribute to the overgrowths. The role of the spores is to clean out what doesn't belong and balance the environment to keep the overgrowths in check. The good news is you only need to take it for about 3-6 months in order to do that and can then go down to a more affordable maintenance dose.

Hope this helps!

Andrea Abslag
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
0 (Not at all likely)
These are amazing!

I had no idea how bloated and comfortable I was all the time until I started taking these and I feel so much better! These really do work and I’m so glad that I tried them out. Will definitely keep taking these.