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Leaky Gut

Believe it or not… Your gut lining is only one cell thick, so it can be easily impacted by bad food, environmental toxins, stress, or antibiotics. The sad thing is, many people live with a compromised or “leaky” gut and the uncomfortable, sometimes debilitating issues because they think it’s just “a normal part of life.”. You may have a leaky gut if you’ve ever experienced:

  • Fatigue even if you get 8-hours of sleep a night...
  • Stubborn extra pounds on your belly, hips, and thighs…
  • A mix of “gotta go” diarrhea and “why can’t I go” constipation…
  • Embarrassing gas and bloating…
  • Trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep...
  • Skin issues like itchy or uneven skin, rashes, and
  • Inconsistent moods even when everything’s going great...

Here is the recommended plan to address Leaky Gut.

  1. Probiotic & Antioxidant: Our probiotic is clinically proven to address Leaky Gut in as little as 30 days.* We recommend you take 1 capsule every other day with your largest meal (most people take this at lunch or dinner). Then after 1 week you can work up to 1 capsule a day.
  2. Precision PREbiotic: You probably haven’t heard much about short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), but they’re as important to your health as their better known cousins, omega-3 fatty acids.
    SCFAs play a key role in keeping your body healthy and balancing your immune system. They also help regulate gut barrier function, so your barrier can keep pathogens and toxins from escaping, while allowing essential nutrients to get where they’re needed.
    Luckily, you can quickly create an optimal supply of SCFAs when your gut has plenty of good bacteria (probiotics), and their preferred source of food (prebiotics).* That’s why we always recommend you pair our Probiotic with Precision PREbiotic.
    For the capsules: Begin by taking a ½ dose (2 capsules) every day, then work up to a full dose after about a week. For the drink mix: Combine with water or your favorite healthy beverage and sip throughout the day.
  3. Ultimate IgG: You can start Ultimate IgG any time to help clear debris and toxicity in the gut, allowing the Probiotic and PREbiotic to work more efficiently.*
  4. Gut 4-tify: A healthy gut barrier keeps pathogens, viruses, and toxins locked safely away. That’s why supporting your barrier strength is crucial for a leak-free life. Gut 4-tify is made with 4 powerful amino acids that encourage the optimal health and power of your gut barrier.* Take 3 capsules daily (with or without food).
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