Tina's Favorite Holiday Deals [2023]

Break free from holiday stress shopping and slip into a gift-buying experience that’s the perfect fit for everyone on your list. For the next few days, you have the golden ticket to grab some jaw-dropping deals on my picks for the best health and wellness goodies of the year.

From self-care delights to powerful immune-strengthening treasures, these one-of-a-kind wellness wonders will make anyone's day – Whether you're spoiling yourself or hunting down the perfect presents for your loved ones.

But time's ticking on these deals… So jump in while you can!

H20 Power = Aqua Tru

By far, my favorite and most recommended water filter company is AquaTru… And here’s why:

Only TWO of the “leading” water filter brands even filter out lead… Much less other types of chemicals. 

So while you’re left guessing which filter to buy and throwing money down the drain… Toxins like lead, uranium, and PFAS are building up in your bones, brain, and organs.

Aqua Tru COMBINE reverse osmosis technology with activated carbon AND VOC filtration for maximum water purification.

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Toxin Free Skincare = Annmarie

This company doesn’t just talk about keeping it clean –

They’ve been a pioneer of non-toxic, plant-based solutions for a decade… And the best part?

Their products actually work. The whole line is made with natural, responsibly sourced ingredients that nourish, pH balance, and deeply moisturize your skin… No parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic preservatives - ever!

And here’s what I think you’ll love the most - 

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Non Toxic Toothpaste = Wellnesse

This is the ONLY non-toxic toothpaste specifically designed to clean, remineralize, AND whiten your teeth at the same time. 

I love that it’s packed with powerhouse ingredients that are good for you from head to toe… 

And I can tell you from months of experience that this toothpaste ACTUALLY works. Hands down, I just LOVE it!

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 Safe UV Protection = Clearstem

Strange but true: In the right winter weather conditions, you skin can burn just as easily as during the summer.

And according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, your risk for melanoma doubles if you’ve had more than 5 sunburns…

But slathering your skin with hormone disrupting toxins is like trading one danger for another! 

To upgrade your skin protection game, grab my favorite SAFE, non-toxic sunscreen.

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Electrolyte Upgrade = LMNT

I’ve tried lots of electrolyte beverages, but in my opinion, this one blows everything else away. 

It’s a tasty, easy to use packet that replaces vital electrolytes without the sugar and harsh chemical ingredients. And it’s formulated to meet the electrolyte needs of just about anyone, no matter what your diet is.

Consider it your secret weapon for toxin-free hydration and overall well-being.

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 Air Quality Awesomeness = AirDoctor

This air purifier has been a life saver for my family. 

It removes virtually 100% of airborne particles, and toxic compounds… But MOST importantly…

It’s been tested by an independent lab and verified to remove 100% of airborne virus particles at .003 microns in size.

Talk about peace of mind! 

What I love most about this air purifier is that it’s both affordable AND 100x more effective than the competition…

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 Celeb Beauty Secret = Higher Dose

This treatment used to be a luxury reserved only for Hollywood A-Listers – Celebs like Emma Stone, Chrissy Teigan, and Kim Kardashian were among the lucky few who could indulge in its benefits. 

But times have changed and the skin care revolution is here – 

You can now enjoy a Hollywood-skin upgrade without ever leaving your home.

Imagine: Your pores? Way smaller... Those annoying lines? Vanishing…  That "heck yes, I look good" vibe every time you catch your reflection? It's back… 

And all from your sofa.

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Immune Harmonizer = Essential C

One of my absolute favorite companies makes a natural immune allstar that’s loaded with camu camu, unripe acerola cherry, and amla berry… 

The planet's most potent, whole food sources of Vitamin C.

My family and I have personally used it for years because it flat out works, ESPECIALLY during the cold winter months.

And because cold and flu season is here….

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 Anti-aging Power = Young Goose

A good friend told me to try their moisturizer and hyperbaric oxygen mask…

And after a few weeks use…

I can’t get over how it makes my skin feel firmer and gives me a natural glow. 

Plus, I love that the entire toxin-free line shields your skin from environmental baddies and free radicals…

And my daughters (who are now hooked) love how the products lessen breakouts, reduce pores, and even calm redness.

If you’re looking for a science-backed way to rewind damage and restore the look and feel of your skin...

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