CONSUMER ALERT: Watch Out For Counterfeit Products on Amazon

A recent article in Nutraingredients[1] detailed how a man in NJ was arrested for creating counterfeit supplements to sell on Amazon. 

According to the report, numerous brands – from mom and pop operations to worldwide household brands – are raising the flag on the issue of counterfeits, saying the problem is “growing at an alarming rate.” 

Sadly, Just Thrive products are also in the crosshairs of these Amazon fakers.

But you don’t have to be their next victim. Keep reading to discover how to spot and avoid these counterfeit products. This isn’t just about safeguarding your money; it's about protecting your most valuable asset – your health.

Your Safety is Our #1 Concern

Fake supplements are, by their very nature, difficult to detect.

Per the World Health Organization[2], they often:

  • Appear identical to the genuine product
  • Are produced in very poor / unhygienic conditions by unqualified personnel
  • Can contain unknown impurities that lead to serious health consequences

For example:

Some phony products have been found to contain fillers like chalk or undeclared allergens (like gluten and soy) while others were formulated with high levels of toxic chemicals. Some even contained traces of scheduled pharmaceuticals.[3,4]

We all love shopping on Amazon for the convenience, but… 

The thought of you taking what you THINK is a Just Thrive product – Hoping to feel better – Only to end up feeling WORSE… It makes us sick. 

amazon comparison - front

amazon comparison supplement facts


Why The Fakes Are So Hard To Spot

Shocking but true: 

Most products on Amazon aren’t actually sold by Amazon – They’re sold by third-party sellers. 

At the time of this writing, they account for 60% of Amazon’s total sales.

And while many third-party sellers are upstanding merchants, a growing number take advantage of unsuspecting consumers by masquerading as brands known for their reliable, top-quality products. 

Here’s where things get really tricky. 

On Amazon, multiple sellers can offer the same product, often under the SAME LISTING. This means fake products get grouped together with the authentic products, sharing photos, descriptions, and even reviews.

When you click on the “Buy” button, Amazon’s algorithm automatically chooses the seller who lists the product at the lowest price. 

This is one way counterfeiters worm their way in – They hijack product listings by offering a fake product at a similar or lower price.

But that’s only part of the problem.

Third-party sellers can be either “authorized” or “unauthorized,” and as a buyer, if you don’t know exactly which is which, you’re at risk.

Even more perplexing? Unauthorized sellers can pop up as "sponsored" products. They can even show up under "Prime" listings.

How To Guarantee You’re Getting a Genuine Just Thrive Product 

Purchasing authentic Just Thrive products is the only way to ensure you’re getting all the clinically proven and proprietary ingredients in our formulas.

If you buy directly from the Just Thrive website, you’re ALWAYS getting a genuine Just Thrive product that’s been manufactured at a GMP-certified lab and 3rd-party tested for quality and safety. 

To purchase from Amazon, it gets a little tricky. Here's your step-by-step guide:

Step 1: We are the only have one authorized reseller. 

Look for “Just Thrive Probiotic

Step 2: Locate the authorized reseller on the product listing: 

This can usually be found near the “Add to Cart” button. 

Step 3: If choosing a Subscribe & Save…

Look for text that reads “Auto-deliveries sold by Just Thrive Probiotic.” This confirms you're subscribing to the real thing.

Step 4: If choosing One Time Purchase…

Look for text that reads “Sold by: Just Thrive Probiotic.” This is your green light that it's authentic.

By following these steps, you can shop with confidence, knowing you’re getting a Just Thrive product you can trust.

The Final Verdict

It’s not just law enforcement and the World Health Organization sounding the alarm – Amazon itself recognizes the magnitude and danger of the issue.

In 2019, Amazon established Project Zero[5] to help “drive counterfeits to zero.” Then in 2020, it launched its CCU (Counterfeit Crimes Unit)[6] to bring legal action against counterfeiters.

But here’s the truth: 

Despite Project Zero and the CCU, Amazon has a SIGNIFICANT backlog of counterfeit investigations, with new counterfeit listings pop up literally every day.

Bottom line? Your health is too precious to risk on a supplement that is not what it claims to be. So, I'm calling on you to take a stand for yourself: 

Be vigilant. Be informed. 

Ensure that every product you purchase is authentic and safe.


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