Video Tutorials

Learn everything there is to know about your Self Care Squad dashboard by watching these videos.

Create an Account

Program Overview

Dashboard/Redeem Points

Manage Subscriptions


Refer A Friend

1.How to Create A Self Care Squad Account

Ensure you're properly setup to receive your rewards points.

2.Overview of the Program

Here's all the program details so you know exactly how it works.

3.Dashboard Walkthrough / Redeem Points

Learn your way around you account dashboard, and discover how to redeem points for discounts.

4.How to Manage Subscriptions

Everything you need to know about editing, pausing, and canceling a subscription.

5.How to Request a Return

Need to return a product? No problem! We’ve got you covered with all the details in this video.

6.How to Refer a Friend

Earn even more discounts when you refer friends and family – Here’s how.