You’ve read the news.

You know to wash your hands, and avoid touching your face.

But you probably don’t know about the centuries-old protein that’s secretly been protecting you, for your entire life…

And now, more than ever…

These hidden heroes need your help.

There's one simple thing you can do today (and every day) that will help support these natural defenders, and dramatically boost your immune system against future threats...

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Meet Your Body’s First-Responders

A strong immune system is the key to staying healthy.

Your body faces threats every single day, and counts on your immune system for protection.

The heroes battling everyday on the front-lines to protect you against these threats are called antibodies, or immunoglobulins.

When your immune system detects unwanted visitors, it sends out these powerful first responders.

The most crucial member of that response team is called Immunoglobulin G (IgG) which makes up almost 80% of the total immune system protectors in your body.

IgG is a protective protein antibody that constantly travels around your body looking for threats. They’re the only antibodies found in every type of body fluid, including blood, saliva, and tears.

Your IgG antibodies spring into action to take out anything perceived as foreign.

The 3 Step Method IgG Uses To Support Your Overworked Immune System...

Every time your body faces a new threat, IgG learns how to handle it...

And the next time your immune system faces that threat again, your body starts producing targeted antibodies that know exactly what to do, sort of like a dedicated strike team.

Your immune system uses that knowledge against similar threats in the future, giving your body a strategic head start.

Once IgG antibodies recognize a threat, they utilize a 3-step method to defeat it:

Symptoms of parasitic infestation may vary, but include:

They bind to the invaders, locking them up so that they can’t escape and replicate…

They neutralize the invaders, so they can’t cause harm…

Finally, they Eliminate them, and remove them from your body!

A strong immune system can mobilize its IgG army whenever it detects a threat, quickly protecting you and working around the clock to keep you safe from harmful invaders.

That’s the good news: Your body already produces these natural defenders!

Sometimes, though, your immune system gets over-extended, leaving you short on supplies of IgG.

Even a healthy immune system can get overwhelmed by circumstances or slowed down by a new substance it has never faced before.

When your immune system gets triggered unnecessarily it can drastically affect the production and activation of IgG and other Immunoglobulin antibodies.

That’s why your immune system needs all the support it can get...

Especially during times of high stress, and especially against new threats it hasn’t faced before!

How To Get The Extra Support Your Immune System Desperately Needs...

Just Thrive’s Ultimate IgG helps maintain immune tolerance by lightening the load on your immune system and supporting its peak function.

Ultimate IgG is a dairy-free, lactose-free, immunoglobulin concentrate that supplies additional IgG antibodies to help your body maintain a balanced, strong immune system response.

Ultimate IgG is a dairy-free, lactose-free, immunoglobulin concentrate that supplies additional IgG antibodies to help your body maintain a balanced, strong immune system response.

Ultimate IgG supplies fresh troops in every capsule, to help make sure your body has plenty of extra soldiers to support your body in its effort to remove invaders.

By boosting your body’s Immunoglobulin G levels, Ultimate IgG...

Promotes healthy gut function…

Boosts absorption of essential nutrients…

Supports balanced immune system responses…

Supporting your immune system with Ultimate IgG – especially the 70% of your immune system located in your gut – can give your body an extra layer of protection…

Especially in times of distress!

For most of us, our immune system is already working overtime to protect us against dozens of daily threats that enter our bodies through the processed foods we eat.

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Lack of sleep, isolation, loneliness, and stress can also lower the chances of a successful immune system response...

And so it’s easy to see how supporting your immune system with an extra supply of IgG antibodies can help your body boost it’s defenses…

Helping you stay healthy!

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