Adult ADHD and How Going “Psycho” Can Improve Your Focus

Distracted? Overstimulated? Disorganized? This can help.

Auther ImageBy Emily Vargas Updated: Feb 2,2023
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Do you ever feel distracted? Overstimulated? Disorganized? Wound up or just plain anxious?

If you answered, “Yes” you’re certainly not alone.

More than 500 million adults are affected by adult ADHD, and the numbers keep growing… Especially among millennials.1

This quiet epidemic makes everything more difficult.

ADHD can have a devastating effect on your personal and professional life…

Making it extra hard to maintain relationships, hit deadlines, and get to meetings on time.

To make matters worse, a lot of people – friends, co-workers, even doctors –

Respond to your symptoms with judgment and misunderstanding… Like you’re doing something wrong!

Luckily, there is a way to manage your ADHD symptoms and take back control of your brain –

But surprisingly, the most effective way to improve your focus has nothing to do with your head…

We’ll explain that in a minute…

But first, there’s something important you need to know.

ADHD Looks Different in Adults

Imagine a child sitting in a classroom, their hands twitching restlessly on the desk, their eyes darting around the room.

They fidget constantly, unable to concentrate on their work...

Imagine a child sitting in a classroom, their hands twitching restlessly on the desk, their eyes darting around the room.

They fidget constantly, unable to concentrate on their work...

And struggle to keep up while the other students stare, whisper, and point.

This is what many people think of when they picture ADHD.

But did you know? The signs of adult ADHD look completely different.2

Perhaps that’s why this condition frequently goes undiagnosed or gets misdiagnosed.

In adults, ADHD usually shows up as problems with the brain’s executive functions.

That includes things like decision-making, judgment, and complex task completion.

Symptoms of adult ADHD include:

    • Trouble managing your time
    • Being disorganized
    • Difficulty focusing on or completing tasks
    • Feeling restless
    • Having a quick temper

While everyone may experience these occasionally, when you have adult ADHD, they’re your baseline – Your “normal.”

These troubling problems can be severe enough to disrupt your life...3

And even worse, they often get mistaken for laziness, impatience, and forgetfulness.

But you don’t have to simply grin and bear it.

With the right support, you can help your mind experience calm focus and steady cognitive function.

How Your Gut Directly Affects Your Brain

Thinking men

In 2004, the first modern-day study showing the direct link between your brain and gut was published.4

This connection sounds weird until you consider a few well-known things...

You get queasy when you feel overwhelmed…

When you’re excited, you get butterflies in the stomach…

And when you’re plagued with constipation or bloating, it’s extra hard to focus or pay attention.

Those effects happen because of something called the gut-brain axis (GBA) – The physical link between your brain and your gut.5

And interestingly…

Because your gut is home to trillions of bacteria – known as your gut microbiome…

Your gut bacteria can have a profound impact on your brain.

When you don’t have enough of the right beneficial (probiotic) bacteria in your gut, your brain gets mixed up messages over the GBA.

And when there are too many of the wrong bacteria in your gut, a condition called dysbiosis…

Your good bacteria get squashed and your brain struggles to keep in step.

That’s why so many people with ADHD also have dysbiosis.6

But thankfully…

When you’re able to effectively fight back against the bad gut bugs…

And create a balanced gut with lots of thriving, probiotic bacteria…

Your brain will perform with focus and precision.7

How Going “Psycho” Can Help Clear Your Brain

There are thousands of different probiotic bacteria, and they all bring something different to the brain party.

But when it comes to clear thinking and focus, one of your best allies is a new, sci-fi-sounding category of probiotics known as:


When these highly specialized bacteria are introduced in your gut…

They work quickly to crowd out your bad bacteria…

Support the growth of your beneficial bacteria…

And improve communication between your gut and your brain, allowing your GBA to function effectively.

The result?

A clearer head and better focus.

Get The Most Out Of Going “Psycho”


Psychobiotics are a great way to boost your cognitive performance without the use of stimulants or other medications.

As a bonus, they also regulate your stress hormone, cortisol.

For you that means a brighter mood and relaxed alertness.

But before you go online and grab just any “psycho” product, know this:

Not all psychobiotics are created equal.

To get the results you're after (and steer clear of questionable formulas)...

Make sure to choose a clinically proven psychobiotic.

One of the best-studied and most sought-after psychobiotics is B. longum 1714™.8

In multiple published studies involving human participants…

B. longum 1714™ has been shown to encourage steady focus and peak cognition…

While helping your mind deal with stressors (so they don’t derail you).

B. longum 1714™ can also stimulate brain cells and help decrease mental fatigue.9

And get this…

One study showed that a blast of brain support from B. longum 1714™ can even help you achieve “flow state.”10

“Flow” is the state of mind where you become completely focused and immersed in the activity you are doing.

Participants who took B. longum 1714™ experienced an increase in theta wave activity, which is associated with improved focus, relaxation, and creativity.

B Vitamins Are Brain Vitamins


Your brain loves B vitamins, especially B6, B9, and B12.

These essential nutrients nourish your brain cells and help them communicate effectively…

And studies show getting enough of these Bs promotes healthy attention span, focus, and memory.11

B vitamins encourage strong executive function, which includes planning and making decisions... 12

Plus they support working memory which can help you complete complex tasks.13

Another way B vitamins focus your brain is by controlling homocysteine levels.

Homocysteine is a type of amino acid that is found in your blood.

If your homocysteine levels get out of whack…

Which can easily happen thanks to poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress…

It can decrease blood flow to the brain, making it harder for you to stay focused.

But with the right B vitamin support…

You’ll keep your homocysteine levels balanced and your brain functioning at its best.14

The Best Way To Keep Calm and Concentrate Like A Champ

These days, staying focused can feel like building a sandcastle in a windstorm.

Everywhere you look, there are distractions that make things difficult –

It's really no wonder we’re all so easily diverted from our work, our studies, and our dreams…

And feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged.

But it doesn't have to be like this.

You can reinvigorate your calm, clear focus…

And take back control of your attention, redirecting it towards the tasks and activities you want to complete.

Just Calm from Just Thrive is an innovative new daily brain and focus supplement.

Featuring 3x the psychobiotic strength of B. longum 1714™ and a trio of highly bioavailable B vitamins…

Just Calm provides you with the tools you need to stay on task, stay on track and achieve your goals.

Studies show that B. longum 1714™ can:

    • Reduce stress
    • Increase alertness
    • Improve concentration and focus
    • Promote peak cognitive performance
    • Balance cortisol levels
    • Increasing feelings of calm and relaxation

Plus, the 3 highly bioavailable B vitamins found in Just Calm – B6, B12, and Folate…

Are essential for a healthy nervous system and are known to help improve cognitive performance and reduce mental fatigue.

They also help to reduce stress and aid in the production of serotonin, a natural mood-lifting chemical in the brain.

The powerful combination of B. longum 1714™ and B vitamins gives you the edge you need to stay ahead, and to stay on top of your game.

Don’t let distractions get the best of you.

Take control of your focus and get the most out of your day with Just Calm!

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