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Just Calm: Your Secret Weapon For Switching Off Stress

These days, stress seems to hit us from every possible angle in any environment at any time, day after day.

Unfortunately, all that stress can have a serious impact on your immune, digestive, respiratory, and cardiovascular system…

And of course, it can do a number on your cognitive and mental health.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had an off switch?...

An easy way to reboot and reset so that you could quickly find a calm, clear, and positive way to handle whatever life throws at you?

Enter Just Calm – The breakthrough new stress management and mood support formula.

Enter Just Calm – The break- through new stress management and mood support formula.

Here’s what makes it so radically different from anything you may have tried before:

It proudly features the proprietary “psychobiotic” strain known as B. longum 1714™.

Psychobiotics are a new class of products with beneficial bacteria that can support your mood, cognition, and emotional health…

And B. longum 1714™ is the most heavily researched and scientifically verified strain available.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that B. longum 1714™ can be an absolute powerhouse in the fight for your mental well-being because it:

  • Quickly promotes a healthy response to everyday stress
  • Encourages a steady, serene, and balanced mood
  • Drives mental clarity, focus, and alertness
  • And even supports great energy and optimal sleep

Imagine being able to turn down the noise and turn up the calm with one addition to your daily routine that takes just seconds to implement…

This is true stress management support that’s built for the modern world.

So bring on the insufferable rush hour traffic… The deadlines and mounting pressure at work… And the relentless, miles-long to do list…

With Just Calm, you’ll have the unfair advantage of feeling cool, collected, and in control.

The Just Calm Difference:

Just Thrive Probiotic

The only stress/mood product to combine proprietary B. longum 1714™ with brain nourishing B vitamins

Just Thrive Probiotic

Microbiologist-formulated for maximum potency

Just Thrive Probiotic

Vegan, Paleo, and Keto-Friendly

Just Thrive Probiotic

Free of wheat, dairy, soy, sugar, salt, nuts, and non-GMO

Proven to:

Just Thrive Probiotic

Help you manage stress, turn down the pressure and noise, and champion a healthy mood

Just Thrive Probiotic

Maintain healthy cortisol levels

Just Thrive Probiotic

Drive peak cognitive function and great thinking

Just Thrive Probiotic

Promote vitality and support better sleep quality

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Just Thrive Just Calm

Just Thrive  Just Calm

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