Collection: Maintenance & Prevention

Since pathogens and toxins are an ongoing, daily threat, it’s important to give your body consistent support. To proactively take control of your health long term, here’s your plan.   

  1. Probiotic & Antioxidant: Once they’ve achieved their health goals, many customers stay on 1 capsule a day with their largest meal for ongoing gut health power.(If you prefer, you can also go down to 1/2 cap a day.)
  2. Precision PREbiotic: For the capsule: Take ½ dose daily with food. For the PREbiotic mix you can take ½ a dose and mix it into your water or favorite beverage.
  3. Vitamin K2-7: If we were to recommend only one additional supplement for health and longevity, it would be this one. Vitamin K2-7 supports optimal heart, bone, and brain health and is the only pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin K-2 supplement with guaranteed stability (for maximum potency). Vitamin K2-7 acts as a traffic cop in your body, directing important cargo like Calcium and Vitamin D to the places they’re needed. It also keeps these essential nutrients out of places that can cause you harm (such as your soft tissue).* Take 2 capsules a day with food.
  4. Ultimate IgG, Immunity Plus and Gluten Away: Immune support is always in season! These three are great to keep on hand when life gets stressful, when traveling and/or eating out, or to feel certain you’re doing all you can to stay protected.

Bonus Proactive Steps

  1. UT123: If you’ve ever had UT issues, you know how painful and uncomfortable they can be. But with the right support, you can feel confident and in control.
    To flush and maintain the health of your Urinary Tract, take 2 capsules of UT123. It contains 3 fast-acting power- houses proven to promote optimal urinary health.*
  2. Just Pets Probiotic: A healthy gut = A happy pup!You can support your furry family members with our effective spore probiotic. Made with delicious defatted beef liver flavoring, feed your dog 1 capsule daily (or sprinkle it into their food) to maintain their overall health and best behavior. *
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Just Thrive brand produces proven, potent and effective products to assist with maintaining a health gut for optical health and well being. Try the following just thrive health solutions.