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Did you know 70-80% of your immune system lives in your gut? That’s why the key to strong immunity is a tummy that’s happy and healthy.

  1. Probiotic & Antioxidant: Our Probiotic doesn’t just up your supply of pathogen-fighting bacteria... It also delivers antioxidants directly to your digestive tract where they can be best absorbed by your body, supporting optimal immune function.
    That’s why we always recommend the Probiotic as a first step for immune health. Start slow. Take 1 capsule every other day with your largest meal. Then after 1 week you can work up to 1 capsule a day.
  2. Precision PREbiotic: Think of the PREbiotic like a fertilizer for your probiotics. The intelligent fibers feed ONLY your beneficial bacteria, helping them thrive andflourish, making the Probiotic and PREbiotic a powerful pairing.* Before adding Precision PREbiotic to your daily routine, use the Probiotic for 2-3 weeks first.
    For the capsules: Take 2 with breakfast or lunch, and 2 more with dinner. For the drink mix: Combine with water or your favorite healthy beverage and sip throughout the day.
  3. Ultimate IgG: Your immunoglobulins (antibodies) are your immune system’s first responders. They identify, tag and neutralize bad guys while regulating your immune system so it doesn’t under or overreact.* To give your immune system all the support it needs, take 4 capsules daily, ideally in the morning between breakfast and lunch.
  4. Immunity Plus: Optimize your natural immunity with 5 highly-researched ingredients that can help your body be “at-the-ready.” If you’re feeling off or need a little lift, start this supplement right away. It’s also great to take seasonally, while traveling, or during times of high stress to stay protected.*
  • Ultimate IgG

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Just Thrive brand produces proven, potent and effective products to assist with maintaining a health gut for optical health and well being. Try the following just thrive health solutions.