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“I found this company when searching for the most research-backed and effective probiotic available and I was blown away at the difference in their products! This probiotic is vegan, dairy free, histamine free, non-gmo, and is made without soy, sugar, salt, corn, tree nuts or gluten, so it's safe for practically everyone... I even sprinkle it in my kids' food and bake it into products since it can survive at up to 450 degrees!”

Katie Wells (The Wellness Mama)


I am so excited this is back in stock! It's so helpful with managing my stress levels. Even a little of the weight that has been totally resistant started budging just a little. That was with consistent use for 60 days, I'm really excited to see how I feel after 90 consecutive days!

Kirsti (Verified Buyer)


Just Thrive probiotic is the first and only 100% all-natural spore-form DNA verified & tested probiotic supplement. As the subject of groundbreaking clinical studies, Just Thrive has demonstrated incomparable effects on the gut and its undeniable connection to the immune system and brain.... So this is a probiotic that actually does what it’s supposed to do! I strongly recommend Just Thrive."

David Asprey (Bulletproof Founder & Father of Biohacking)


This is the first probiotic I’ve ever taken that not only didn’t give me negative side effects but I actually am starting to see positive changes. I’ve taken for a week now and my breakouts are clearing up I’m not bloated after I eat I’m way more regular and I feel I’m sleeping better. This stuff is seriously amazing. I love that it has vitamin a in it which is so good for skin, eyes, and collagen production. Highly recommend

Anna (Verified Buyer)


Highest quality k2-mk7 form on the market. Best customer service, best price!

Dr Martone (Verified Buyer)


I can not speak higher of JustThrive ! They helped me find what I needed and the results from the IgG are fantastic! I can’t wait to buy things from them again ! Absolutely love!

Hanna B (Verified Buyer)

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In addition to our flagship Probiotic, we have a full line of clinically backed products designed to help you take control of your health. And did you know? When you choose Just Thrive, you're helping to change the world. A portion of each sale gives back to organizations serving people living outside the margins at home and abroad.

  • Carefully Researched

    We are proud to offer a line of products that boast some of the most researched ingredients in the industry.

  • Proven Effective

    All Just Thrive products are clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective for you and your family.

  • 100% Guaranteed

    Love your Just Thrive purchase, or get a full refund, whether it's been 2 days or 2 months... Even if the bottle is empty!

  • Making a Difference

    Through our partnership with Vitamin Angels, a portion of every sale supports mothers and children in need.


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Help Center

First off, there aren’t any other similar products. There are several probiotics on the market, but no product can match Just Thrive’s clinically verified research or best the following benefits:


Just Thrive = Superior survivability:

Just Thrive = Superior antioxidant support:

Just Thrive = Superior results:

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The underlying cause of most chronic gut conditions is gut permeability, also known as Leaky Gut. We have a 30-day Leaky Gut study/article that explains how our products can help repair damage caused by GMOs/glyphosate, gluten, lectins, processed food, stress, etc. You may click here to receive a download and learn everything you need to know about Leaky Gut and how to make smart food choices to fortify your intestinal barrier.

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Yes!  Just Thrive now offers a loyalty program for you.  Earn points for every dollar you spend with us to use for gift cards, money off coupons, discount your subscription, or other perks.  You can also earn your way into higher tiers to earn even more and bigger discounts.  
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Just Thrive® is passionate about good health, and we ensure the integrity and quality of our products. That’s why we’re proud to stand behind every sale with a 100% customer satisfaction “30-Day Bottom of the Bottle” Guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase of any Just Thrive® product from, return it to us for a full refund* – even if the bottle is empty!

*Excludes shipping, applies to a maximum of two bottles purchased directly from Just Thrive.


How to return:

Most customers simply need to go to this RETURN LINK and follow the instructions. 



Return address (if you are unable to process through the link):

Just Thrive Health
C/O Falcon Fulfillment
260 N. Ace Yeager Ct. 
SLC, UT 84116

Please include your order number, Email, and/or telephone number inside the box.

*We recommend opting for tracking on your return package.

Here is what we recommend for times of day and if you should take the product with food or not:

Just Thrive® Probiotic -Evening, with food
Just Thrive® Precision PREbiotic 
Drink mix -
Anytime, with or without food
Capsules -Morning or Evening, with or without food
Just Thrive® Vitamin K2-7 -Evening or split dose, with food
Just Thrive® IgG Complete -Morning, Evening, or split dose, with food
Just Thrive® UT123 -Morning or evening, with or without food
Just Thrive® Gut 4-tify - Morning, Evening, or split dose, with food
JustThrive® Immunity Plus - Morning or Evening, with or without food