Probiotics are so important for gut health and so much more. Most of our immune system starts in the gut. I love that Just Thrive Probiotic doesn’t have to be refrigerated! Plus, being non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free and more, I know there isn’t any hidden junk in it that I don’t want in my body.

– Maria Emmerich

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Probiotic & Antioxidant

Your gut is home to a whopping 70% of your immune system!

In fact, many seemingly unrelated health challenges – allergies, acne, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, etc – are often the result of problems in your gut.

That’s why it’s no exaggeration to say that getting your gut in order with our clincally proven Probiotic can have a dramatic impact on your overall health!

Probiotic - 30 Day

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Probiotic - 90 Day

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Heart, Bone, Nerve, Brain Support

Though not as “mainstream” as other vitamins, K2-7 plays a crucial role in supporting your overall health. Think of it like the traffic cop of your body --- When it comes to important nutrients like Vitamin D and Calcium, it ensures they’re being used correctly and travelling to all the right places.

Moreover, Vitamin K2-7 can be found in literally every tissue of your body, making it a necessary and critical activator in many key bodily heath functions.

Vitamin K2-7

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Total Body Boost

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Help Your Furry Friend Feel Their Best!

Dogs of all breeds and sizes can greatly benefit from a healthy tummy. With over 70% of your dog’s immune response residing in their intestines, a happy gut can profoundly influence how your pooch behaves and how they feel.

Just Pets Probiotic™ is the first dog-friendly probiotic supplement clinically shown to survive the journey from your pup’s mouth to their intestines where it can support digestive, immune, and behaviroal health.

Just Pets Probiotic

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About Just Thrive...

"The only complete probiotic you’ll ever need!"

Just Thrive probiotic is the first and only 100% all-natural spore-form DNA verified & tested probiotic supplement.

As the subject of groundbreaking clinical studies, Just Thrive has demonstrated incomparable effects on the gut and its undeniable connection to the immune system and brain.... So this is a probiotic that actually does what it’s supposed to do!

I strongly recommend Just Thrive.

- David Asprey
Bulletproof Founder & Father of Biohacking

"I Was Blown Away At The Difference In Their Products!"

“I found this company when searching for the most research-backed and effective probiotic available and I was blown away at the difference in their products!

This probiotic is vegan, dairy free, histamine free, non-gmo, and is made without soy, sugar, salt, corn, tree nuts or gluten, so it's safe for practically everyone... I even sprinkle it in my kids' food and bake it into products since it can survive at up to 450 degrees! ”

- Katie Wells
The Wellness Mama

"Just Thrive Delivers REAL RESULTS!"

“Just Thrive Probiotic is absolutely amazing beyond words! I don’t normally write reviews; however, as a Nutrition Consultant for over 25 years, I have TRULY tried every probiotic out there (for myself and my clients) and have never experienced such a difference so quickly. In fact, there usually is NO difference with other products.

Experience the feeling of balance and wellbeing with Just Thrive. I know you will love it, too! ”

- Sheryl Menah
Nutrition Consultant, Small Healthy Changes

"Just Thrive Delivers REAL RESULTS!"

“I have tried many different probiotics over the last several years, and recently found Just Thrive. It works great! Addresses bloating and constipation, my skin looks better, and I just feel fantastic!”

- Andi T., Port Orange, FL

"Awesome, Really Worked For My Gut!"

“I was having gut issues, pain and bloating. By the end of the first month, there was no pain or bloating. Absolutely love this probiotic, life changer!”

- Sandra H

"Can be taken with antibiotics!"

“Since using these probiotics, things have improved so much. Unlike other probiotics, these can be taken with antibiotics which makes things much easier for the timing of my son’s medications.”

- Mel S. Fresno, CA

"Just Thrive Changed My Life!"

"I felt hopeless... Then I came across Just Thrive, and it changed my life. I didn't expect it to work – no other probiotics had – but I gave it a full month, just to see. And I'm so glad I did because it was the first thing in a very long time that made a difference. I recommend it to everyone, and I'll never go without it. Just Thrive honestly changed my life."

- Maya D., Baltimore, MD

"Significantly Helps My Stomach"

"Just Thrive is the BEST Probiotic I have ever taken! I immediately noticed a significant difference with stomach issues. In addition to GI support, I also just feel fantastic taking Just Thrive. I have been looking for a product like Just Thrive for years, I'm so happy to have finally found it!

THANK YOU for developing such a great product! "

- Jim R. St. Petersburg, FL