The Great Calcium Hoax?

Discover Why Calcium Supplements ARE NOT What You Need

To Protect Your Health And Live Longer!

Discover Why Calcium Supplements ARE NOT What You Need To Protect Your Health And Live Longer!

If you’ve been looking for a way to support the strength of your bone, brain and cardiovascular health, we’ve got some great news for you.

And if you’re currently taking Calcium supplements, this may very well be the most important page you ever read.


Well… Let me ask you this: If you learned that an over-the-counter Calcium supplement could significantly increase your risk of heart disease...

Would you still take it?

Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening to millions of people right now...

Without even knowing it, They’re overloading your bodies with Calcium…

And you might be too!

It’s time to ask...

The Disturbing Calcium Question

Calcium is abundant in all our food.

It's the most common of all the minerals in our environment! And yet... As we age, we often end up with weak bones, weak teeth, and curvature of the spine.

It doesn’t make sense:

If we already get plenty of Calcium, why do so many of us end up taking Calcium supplements?

Well, it turns out that even though we get more than enough Calcium...

It just isn’t being used properly.

And multiple studies have shown that when Calcium isn't used correctly by your body, weak bones might end up being the least of your problems!

There's a vitally important nutrient that tells your body how and where to use calcium.

When we get enough of this nutrient, our bodies use calcium effectively...

But when we're deficient in this nutrient, our bodies get easily confused...

When Calcium isn’t directed where it needs to go… It gets deposited in the soft tissue instead, where it can cause major health problems, including:

  • Bone spurs...
  • Kidney stones, and liver stones...
  • Plaque in your heart vessels (stiffening of the vessels)...
  • Coronary artery disease...
  • Heart disease...
  • Even major cardiac events!

Your Body NEEDS An Air Traffic Controller

As luck would have it, nature has given us a vitamin designed specifically to act as your body’s “Air Traffic Controller.”

It prevents Calcium from going places it doesn’t belong…

And directs Calcium to the places where it’s needed most!

This little-known vitamin:

  • Directs Calcium to your bones to support optimal bone strength…
  • Removes Calcium from your arteries, and ensures it doesn’t get stored in your soft tissue…
  • Stands guard at the door to your circulatory system, so Calcium can’t wander to places that can cause you harm…
  • Encourages healthy circulation, brain function, and optimal blood sugar levels...
  • It even supports healthy growth and development!

And this might shock you:

The link between this extraordinarily important vitamin and our ability to properly use Calcium IS NOT a groundbreaking new discovery.

It’s actually...

A Centuries-Old Health Secret From Japan!

According to legend, sometime between 1051-1083 Minamoto Yoshiie put warm, cooked soybeans in a rice-straw sack on the back of his horse.[1]

The warmth of the horse caused the soybeans to ferment, creating a new food called natto.

Natto is a traditional, fermented, soy paste... People from Eastern Japan still consume it today, nearly a thousand years later.

Here’s the thing though: According to Wikipedia, Nattō is often considered an acquired taste because of its powerful smell, strong flavor, and sticky, slimy texture...

In fact... When someone orders natto in restaurants in Japan, the smell is so strong they are often sent to a different room to eat it!

But many Japanese people swear by Natto.

Why would anyone want to eat something that’s (apparently) so offensive to so many people?

Well… When they eat it, they feel remarkably healthier!

It turns out that natto’s fermentation process releases a miraculous Vitamin called K2-7, which helps the body effectively:

  • Support a healthy heart and circulation...
  • Maintains healthy arteries...
  • Encourage healthy blood sugar levels...
  • Aid in optimal bone, brain, and nerve health...
  • And support overall healthy growth and development!

Is The Link Between K2 And Better Health Just A Coincidence?

It’s Not... Here’s The Proof!

In 1990, the Rotterdam Study began looking at people from Eastern Japan who consumed high amounts of Natto.

The scope and scale of the study was MASSIVE: Research was conducted over a 10-year period on 4800+ subjects.

Participants were given 50mcg of natural K2 daily to determine WHY people who consumed this strange vitamin were often remarkably healthier than those who didn’t.

The results were shocking!

  • 50% decrease in cardiovascular events and mortality
  • 25% decrease in all-cause mortality...
  • 25% reduced risk for dying from any disease, across the board
  • 25% increased rate of living longer and healthier!

The overall good health of the patients in The Rotterdam Study was widely credited to the bacteria that's formed when natto ferments and creates K2!

The Rotterdam Study was just the start. A growing body of published research now shows without doubt, Vitamin K2 has a critically important, positive impact on heart health, bone health and overall health.


97% Of Adults Have Insufficient Levels Of This Critical Vitamin![4]

As we now know, a Vitamin K2 deficiency can cause major health problems, including:

  • Osteoporosis / Osteopenia
  • Bone spurs...
  • Kidney stones, and Liver stones...
  • Plaque in your heart vessels (stiffening of the vessels)...
  • Coronary artery disease...
  • Heart disease...
  • Even major cardiac events!

And unfortunately, Vitamin K2-7 is simply not available in the modern, western diet.

Unless you want to fly to Japan and consume a bowl of sticky, pungent natto every morning for the rest of your life, you’re going to need to take a supplement.

When we discovered how valuable Vitamin K2-7 was to the body...

And how hard it is to get in our daily diet...

We knew we had to take action.

Introducing Just Thrive's Vitamin K2-7...

The Most Pure K2-7 You Can Buy!

Though not as “mainstream” as other vitamins, K2-7 plays a critical role in supporting your overall health...

Making sure Calcium is being processed correctly, and sent to the places in your body that desperately need it (and away from the places it can cause harm!)

The Unmatched Benefits Of Just Thrive’s Vitamin K2-7

Supports the health of your most crucial bodily systems: heart, brain, bones, circulation, and nerves

Maintains healthy arteries so you can support the optimal protection of your heart

Encourages healthy blood sugar levels to help you avoid feeling sluggish, undernourished, or irritable

Microbiologist formulated and clinically tested to ensure quality and stability

The only pharmaceutical grade vitamin K2-7 supplement on the market fashioned from elite, industry-best ingredients

Contains the optimal daily recommended dose of K2-7 (320 mcg) to provide complete K2 dietary support

Formulated with MenaquinGold® for 100% guaranteed potency so you can feel confident you’re getting the best

All-Natural, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Sugar/Salt Free, Non-GMO

Paleo, Keto, and Vegan-friendly

Our Commitment To Excellence...

One of the biggest problems with most K2 products is stability. The quality of these products quickly degrades the minute they hit the shelf at your local store.

To ensure maximum stability, Just Thrive’s Vitamin K2-7 is formulated using MenaquinGold®. This patented ingredient allows us to offer the most bio-available, and bio-active form of K2-7 with guaranteed stability.

Not only that… But our Vitamin K2-7 is the only Pharmaceutical grade K2 product on the market!

For a supplement to be considered Pharmaceutical Grade, it must have a purity level that exceeds 99%.

To achieve this level of excellence, products must adhere to the highest quality measures and be completely free of binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or harmful substances!

With Just Thrive, you can feel good knowing you’re getting a superior and proven-effective formulation.

Just Thrive Vitamin K2-7 is:

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Sugar/Salt Free

Adding Just Thrive’s Vitamin K2-7 To Your Health Regimen Is Easy

When you add this dynamic power-player into your daily regimen, your body will properly utilize Vitamin D and effectively distribute and process Calcium...

So you can be your best and healthiest self.

Here’s how simple it is to enjoy a new level of bone, brain, heart, cardiovascular and overall health support:

  • For ages 8 and up, just start with 1 capsule once a day for the first week...
  • Then increase to 1 capsule twice a day
  • Preferably, take Just Thrive’s K2-7 with your largest meal...
  • That’s it!

And of course, Just Thrive’s Vitamin K2-7 is backed by our incredible

“Bottom of the Bottle”
Money Back Guarantee.

Just Thrive® is passionate about good health, and we ensure the integrity and quality of our products. That’s why we’re proud to stand behind every sale with a 100% customer satisfaction “30-Day Bottom of the Bottle” Guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase of any Just Thrive® product from, return it to us for a full refund...Even if the bottle is empty!

You won’t find a guarantee like this anywhere else. Most companies only give you a 30-day or 60-day money-back guarantee.

And if you try to return a supplement you’ve already opened and used, you're going to be out of luck.

So why are we willing to offer you this

unmatched guarantee?

Because of the dozens of clinical studies that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how beneficial K2 supplements can be in supporting overall health...

Because of the hundreds of letters we’ve received from everyday people who have seen extraordinary results...

And because of the remarkable improvements we’ve seen this formula make in the lives of our customers, like this one:

“Love It!”

“Great quality and great ingredients backed by solid science.
Crucial for the cold and flu season, but we take it all year along with the Just Thrive probiotic, prebiotic, and IgG capsules.
The founder behind this brand is full of wonderful knowledge and expertise. I have a lot of trust in what he says.”
- S.T. *

Give Your Body The Support It Needs To Stay Strong

Thousands of people have used Just Thrive's K2-7 to enhance their K2 levels and support their health, protect their bones and heart, and support overall immunity against the many threats we face as we grow older...

And now, you can too!

Just Thrive Featured On...

More Feedback From Our Happy Customers:

Great product! Great price!

“This is a great product and the dosage is perfect for the benefits of k2. The price is half of the nearest competitor on the market for this dosage which is also the most effective.”

- Michael A.

Great Product That A Friend Recommended

“Great product that a friend recommended! We have ordered and re-ordered it over and over again.”

- Maureen

Most K2 On (The) Market Can't Compare

“Thank you for your "Leading Edge, Science backed" explanation of our bodies' need for more K2. Yours is the highest in the marketplace.”

– Allen S

Feels Like A Gift From God!

“I know I feel better. I can't really explain it. But I have been taking your probiotic as well. My insides are finally happy. Feels like a gift from God.”

– Linda S

Does A Good Job Keeping My Bones As Strong As Possible

“I bought this product because I've had three joint replacements and I believe it does a good job of keeping my bones as strong as possible... The benefits to the heart are a good bonus.”

– William D

I Trust Just Thrive

“Thank you for adding K2-7. I trust Just Thrive and the careful, thoughtful, clean practices in producing supplements.”

– Karen K

Saw My Oxalobacter Formigenes Go From Low To Normal

“I am doing the uBiome Smartgut study and can track the effects of taking both the Probiotic and K2-7 together! Thanks for providing us needed microbiome supplements that work!”

– Nikkea T

So, So Grateful

“My heart and bones sincerely thank you! Using K2-7 with the probiotic and I've never felt so good! Love these products!”

– Jenn G

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the link between Vitamin D and Vitamin K2?

- +

Nobody wants to get sick… Especially these days.

That’s why Vitamin D has become such a popular choice for wellness – It’s renowned for its critically important health benefits, including supporting overall immune health and protection.

But if you’re currently taking Vitamin D without also Vitamin K2-7 supplementation, you might be setting yourself up for trouble.

Studies show that taking as little as 2000iu of Vitamin D without appropriate K2 can lead to a markedly increased risk for a vitamin K2 deficiency.

And as we’ve seen, K2 deficiency is linked to calcification of soft tissue, including the veins and arteries going in and out of the heart and brain (as well as multiple other longer-term conditions.)

Q: So is Vitamin K2 more important than Vitamin D?

- +

The truth is, both nutrients are essential for immune, bone, brain, and cardiovascular health. They work together to ensure Calcium gets delivered and absorbed for maximum benefit to your overall health.

Q: Should I consider Vitamin K2-7 if I take calcium to guard against bone loss/osteoporosis?

- +

Around 44 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis or low bone density. And low levels of vitamin K2-7 count among the biggest risk factors.

Vitamin K2-7 has been shown to activate special calcium-regulating and bone-supporting proteins:

  • Matrix Gla keeps calcium out of your blood vessels
  • Osteocalcin directs calcium into your bone and locks it in place
  • Gas6 helps special cells called osteoclasts clear old, dead bone cells to make space for fresh, healthy bone tissue
  • Protein S helps regulate bone turnover, meaning the replacement of old bone cells with new bone cells

By activating these proteins, Vitamin K2-7 makes sure calcium stays in your bones where it belongs… and out of your blood vessels, where it doesn’t.

Q: What is the connection between K2 and cardiovascular issues?

- +

A vitamin K2 deficiency has been linked in dozens of clinical studies to heart health, arterial and vein rigidity and reduced blood flow.

Q: How does K2 impact exercise, cardiac output, and muscle recovery?

- +

Effective calcium absorption is critical to prevent cramping and supporting muscle repair while reducing arterial and vein stiffness. A study on athletes using MenaquinGold® K2 used in Just Thrive Vitamin K2-7 showed improved performance and stamina with an 18% increased cardiac output in just 8 weeks.

Q: What’s the “right” dose of K2?

- +

There is no known upper limit to K2 and it appears to be safe at any dose.

K2 functions as an activator for the oil-soluble vitamins used in calcium utilization, but, unlike them, vitamin K2 is NOT deposited in our fat, so we cannot get a toxic overload, no matter how much we take.

With every dose of K2, the body takes up as much as it needs and simply discards the rest. This is why the recommended dosing practice for Just Thrive K2-7 formula is one cap with a meal, twice a day… As close to 12 hours apart as possible.

The goal is to keep the K2 blood serum level as stable as possible for optimal heart, brain, bone, circulation, and nerve support.

Q: Is it difficult to manufacture K2?

- +

YES! K2 can rapidly deteriorate post manufacture, which is why many K2 products struggle with stability. Just Thrive uses only the 100% natural MK 7 via the unique, trademarked Menaquingold® form. This results in vastly superior and effectiveness

Q: How can I tell if my Vitamin K2 is effective?

- +

The name of the game is potency. Unfortunately, you can not simply rely on your K2’s expiration date to determine effectiveness, and here’s why: The FDA does not test every K2 supplement. The only true way to know for sure if your K2 contents match both the label and the expiration date is through potency testing. Thanks to our trademarked MenaquinGold®, Just Thrive’s Vitamin K2-7 has been proven to retain 100% potency 3 years post manufacture.

Q: How can I tell if my K2 supplement is stable and/or artificial?

- +

Just Thrive only uses MenaquinGold® – The world’s most potent, researched-backed, and most stable form of K2.

For any other brand, you may want to contact the manufacturer and ask for verification on the form of K2 used. Here’s why...

  • Menaquinone-4 (also known as MK-4 or Menatetrenone) is ALWAYS ARTIFICIAL.
  • Menaquinone-7 (also listed as MK-7) can be EITHER Synthetic or Natural.
  • Estimates are that ABOUT HALF the menaquinone-7 used in K2 products currently on shelf is now ARTIFICIAL.
  • A K2 manufacturer is NOT required to say on their label if their product is synthetic.
  • The price tag may be an indicator since synthetic menaquinone-7 is less expensive to manufacture.
  • The FDA states that artificial K2 is NOT bioequivalent to the natural; all large-scale K2 studies use only the natural form.
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