"I Strongly Recommend Just Thrive"
- Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Founder & Father of Biohacking
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Detox Glyphosate, Clear Brain Fog, Reduce Cravings, And Eliminate Gas...
So You Can Just Thrive!

A Simple Way To Detox Glyphosate, Clear Brain Fog, Reduce Cravings, And Eliminate Gas...
So You Can Just Thrive!

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Just Thrive Probiotic is different. We know that every other probiotic supplement makes the same claim, however we have science to prove it.

You see, Just Thrive Probiotic is the ONLY 100% Spore-Based Probiotic and antioxidant in the retail market today.

For you that means, unlike virtually every other probiotic, our probiotic survives the acidity of your stomach and gets to your gut FULLY alive...

Once there, it goes to work cleansing and detoxifying your body like NO OTHER probiotic on the market.

Did you know?

Your gut has 10 times more microbes in it than your body has human cells!

That’s a mind boggling thought, but it is true.

And many gut microbiome experts estimate that 80%-90% of Americans have an overgrowth of toxin-producing microbes.

Because other probiotics on the market (along with the probiotics in fermented food) have virtually 0% survival rate going through the stomach, they have limited benefit.

However, Just Thrive Probiotic has a 100% survival rate, which means it can populate your gut with friendly, health producing microbes. Over a 4 week period they scrub your intestines clean and selectively kill toxin-producing microbes.

Respected health and science publications, like Harvard Health and Scientific American, have published papers about the powerful link between your brain and your gut. We are learning more and more about how getting your gut in shape will help eliminate brain fog and get your mind working at peak levels.

But that’s not all Just Thrive Probiotic can do for you.

When your intestines are healthy you absorb more nutrients. You reduce or eliminate issues like leaky gut, which happens when your intestines become more permeable and allow toxins and harmful bacteria to “leak” into your bloodstream.

Once you’re able to live leak free...you’ll notice things tend to fall into place.

In a world of factory farms and “unnaturally sterile” (irradiated) food production, Just Thrive Probiotic is your key to a healthy gut...which can help unlock your healthiest self... Allowing you to realize your best quality of life.

The Perfect Supplement For Your Second Brain...

Since 2014, Just Thrive Probiotic has been helping our customers live mentally sharp, physically strong and free of gas and bloating. Our truly unique formula does what no other probiotic on the market can do...

Awards & Recognition For Just Thrive:


  • Delicious Living 2018 Award for Best Digestive Health Supplement
  • Taste for Life Essential Supplements Awards 2018
  • Taste for Life Women’s Essentials Award
  • ​​ Remedies Digestive Award 2018
  • ​​ Whole Foods Magazine Digestive Health Award 2018
Try Just Thrive Now(And Review Your Order Before It's Final)


Reason #1: Spore-Based Design To Ensure Survival

All four strains of probiotics are 100% Spore-Based.

When you take a probiotic in any other supplement, or eat fermented foods, your stomach acid destroys the probiotics you are eating. In fairness, dead probiotics can have some beneficial effect, but the benefit is only limited.

With Just Thrive Probiotic, 100% of our beneficial bacteria survive and get to your gut alive.

They survive the acidity of your stomach because they have a natural, protective coating, called an endospore (and armor-like shell.) Once they pass through the acidity of your stomach, they cast off the shell, “wake up,” and go to work.

The probiotics spend 4 weeks supporting and directing your friendly bacteria... Killing toxin-producing harmful bacterias, and cleaning your intestines.

  • The leading probiotic yogurt? DEAD!
  • ​The leading Greek yogurt? DEAD!
  • ​The leading probiotic supplement? DEAD! But…
  • Just Thrive Probiotic arrives 100% ALIVE!

Reason #2: Contains Exclusive Probiotic Strains That Combat Oxidative Stress And Support Overall Health

Just Thrive is the only Source of Bacillus Indicus HU36 and Bacillus Subtilis HU58 available in supplement form in the market today.

Dr Simon Cutting, considered a world leader in microbiology, has exclusively licensed his strains to Just Thrive.

In a perfect world, these strains of probiotics would be in the soil, waiting to “hop on” a plant and end up in our intestines.

Unfortunately our soil has been depleted of these critical bacterial strains, and the only trustworthy way for us to get these powerful, health-sustaining probiotics is through Just Thrive Probiotic.

Unlike all types of lactobacillus (which are the probiotic strains found in most common probiotic supplements) the friendly gut bacteria strains found in Just Thrive Probiotic were not created in a lab. They come from Mother Earth and are naturally found in the food of traditional cultures.

When these spore strains arrive in the intestines, they take their endospore shell off and go into their live vegetative cell state.

Once there, they have the capability to attach to the intestinal cell wall and colonize, create compounds and nutrients that feed beneficial bacteria (good bugs), and identify and kill off pathogenic bacteria (bad bugs).

And the benefits don’t stop with just cleaning, supporting good bacteria and killing unfriendly bacteria.

The superstrain Bacillus indicus HU36™ releases 15 antioxidants that combat oxidative stress and support overall health.

Most importantly, Just Thrive Probiotic strains help maintain and keep the gut lining intact so that toxins don’t seep into your bloodstream and create havoc.

Reason #3: You Can Take Just Thrive
Probiotic Anyway You Like!

All 4 Strains of Probiotics are incomparably shelf-stable, and can retain full potency even when exposed to high temperatures.

This means that while you can always swallow the capsules with water... The resilience of our probiotic strains also allows you to break open the capsules and pour them into your coffee, put them in a bowl of oatmeal, or even sprinkle them on your lasagna!

Reason #4: Just Thrive Probiotic Is Truly Life Changing!

In a 2017 published study on leaky gut, the probiotic strains found in one capsule of Just Thrive Probiotic, taken daily for 30 days with no changes in diet or lifestyle showed...

  • A 42% reduction in toxins from gut pathogens (clearing brain fog and supporting overall health)...
  • ​A​A 24% decrease in dangerous fatty acids (which helps support optimal heart function and blood sugar)...
  • ​Significant reductions in the hunger hormone Ghrelin (which makes it MUCH easier to control your diet and caloric intake and shows that these strains increase communication between the gut and the brain)…
  • “Better Insulin Response” with “significant” reductions in insulin levels after lunch and dinner, A1C and Fasting glucose levels!

Reason #5: Just Thrive Probiotic Is Backed By Proven Science And Research

Seven more studies have been completed on these strains for the following conditions:

  • Roundup/Glyphosate Damage...
  • Clostridium Difficile....
  • Leaky Gut...
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome...
  • Skin Conditions...
  • And More!

Having this level of science and research behind a formulation is unheard of in the supplement industry.

In fact, there is no other supplement which has proven to offer the same level of health benefits as the strains found in Just Thrive Probiotic.

It is an essential dietary supplement for anyone interested in supporting their health goals.


First 100% “Spore-Based” Probiotic Available


Backed By Proven Science & Research


Only Bacillus Indicus HU36™ And Bacillus Subtilis HU58™ Supplement Available


All 4 Strains are incomparably shelf-stable and can retain full potency at high temperatures.


1000x Better Survivability Than Other Probiotics


Protects Against Glyphosate/
Roundup Gut Damage

Discover The Full-Body Benefits Of
Taking A Great Probiotic...

  • Take Just Thrive Probiotic FIRST! Why spend loads of money on a diet or supplement protocol if your imbalanced microbiome prevents you from absorbing those nutrients? Gut experts estimate 80-90% of us have an imbalance in our gut bacteria which prevents us from getting the nutrients we need.

    Just Thrive helps you absorb nutrients with ease.

  • Drive Metabolism – Just Thrive’s Leaky Gut study showed “A better insulin response” including "significant reductions" in A1C and Fasting Glucose levels.

    Researchers theorize that this happens because of the reduction in gut toxins that Just Thrive Probiotic can deliver.

  • Protect Against Glyphosate/Roundup Gut Damage – A gut model study has shown that Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant increases beneficial bacteria even in the presence of this widely used and controversial herbicide.

    Because it is virtually impossible to remove all exposure to glyphosate/Round-Up from our diets - even if you eat clean - it’s critical to protect yourself and your gut from these dangerous toxins by taking a high quality spore based probiotic like Just Thrive Probiotic.

  • Detox – Any detox program should include Just Thrive Probiotic to counter pathogenic overgrowth. Overgrowth of harmful bacteria in our guts is a possible foundational stressor for our liver, kidneys and skin.

    Studies have shown that reducing pathogens in the gut lowers the amount of toxins that must be filtered out by detoxifying organs.

  • ​Weight Management – It’s not just about calories and exercise, it’s also about “who’s” in your gut! The latest research shows that specific harmful gut bacteria can prevent you from losing weight no matter what you do. At the same time this bacteria can create out-of-control cravings.

    Butyrate, a natural byproduct of beneficial gut bacteria, plays a significant role in fat burning and reducing hunger.

    Studies show that Just Thrive Probiotic encourages optimal Butyrate production.

See What Others Are Saying
About Just Thrive...

Just Thrive Changed My Life!

"I was taking another popular probiotic for years and figured it was as good as I could expect. My nutritionist recommended Just Thrive and I noticed a difference in TWO DAYS.

I can’t recommend this product enough and wish I’d found it sooner."

- Rachel C. , LaGrange Park, IL

“Living Without Heartburn Is Amazing!”

“Living without heartburn is amazing! Just Thrive Probiotic made me regular, less gassy and I now sleep better because that horrible sensation in my esophagus is gone.

Just Thrive Probiotic did what years of other products could not!”

- Nicole M. , Chicago, IL

"Just Thrive Delivers REAL RESULTS!"

“I have tried many different probiotics over the last several years, and recently found Just Thrive. It works great! I feel healthy and strong, no bloating, no constipation, even my skin looks better!

Just Thrive keeps everything in good working order. Try it, it really works!”

- Andi T. , Port Orange, FL

"Even Lactose Supplements Weren’t Helping… This Product works!"

“As a college student, my diet changed tremendously when I moved to campus, and I developed a whole bunch of gut issues... I’m not even through my first month supply yet and I can already tell a huge difference. Other probiotic and gas supplements weren’t helping…this product works!!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

Thank you, Just Thrive!”

- Colleen G. , Champaign, IL

"... Then I Came Across Just Thrive, And It Changed My Life!"

"...Life saving product !"

"I bought this product to help my twins’ gastro issues caused at birth. We have been using Just Thrive Probiotic for around two months now and, YAY – Their bowel movements are looking amazing!! This has been a life saver, and it’s a relief to have my babies having healthy bowel movements and getting immune support naturally!! I have also been using it for immune and gastro support during my current pregnancy. I feel like I have a security system in place since my baby will be arriving via C-Section. I can rest easy knowing we’re both at an advantage especially during the current climate!".

- Maya, Baltimore, MD

“... Significant Reduction Of My Diarrhea”

“Just Thrive is the BEST Probiotic I have ever taken! I immediately noticed a significant reduction of my diarrhea.

In addition to my GI improvement, I also feel Just Thrive is working wonders for my overall health. I have been looking for a product like Just Thrive for years, I’m so happy to have finally found it!

THANK YOU for developing such a great product!”

- Tony H. , Austin, TX

Dave Asprey

- Dave Asprey
Bulletproof founder & Father of Biohacking

"I Strongly Recommend Just Thrive"

"Just Thrive Probiotic is the first and only 100% all-natural spore form DNA verified & tested probiotic supplement.

As the subject of groundbreaking clinical studies, Just Thrive has demonstrated incomparable effects on the gut and its undeniable connection to the immune system and brain....

So this is a probiotic that actually does what it’s supposed to do!

I strongly recommend Just Thrive."

Try Just Thrive Now(And Review Your Order Before It's Final)

Just Thrive Probiotic has been studied and documented to be more beneficial
than virtually any other supplement on the market:

  • 100% Spore Bacillus Probiotic Strains...
  • Less Gas And Bloating...
  • More Regular Bowel Movements...
  • Clinically Studied Formulation...
  • Clears Brain Fog...
  • Detox Intestines and Body...
  • Produces Antioxidants...
  • Drives Fat Burning...
  • Reduces Food Cravings...
  • Addresses Leaky Gut in as little as 30 days!

Our Anytime "Bottom Of The Bottle" Guarantee

Price should never stand in the way of you feeling your best...

So take us up on our money back guarantee today! If you don’t experience Problem-Free Digestion, Easy Weight Management, and More Energy... We insist that you return your order, including the empty bottle, for a full, no-hassle refund.

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

We know that when you take Just Thrive Probiotic as directed, you reap all the rewards!

And so we're happy to shoulder all the risk.


Does Just Thrive Probiotic need to be refrigerated?

NO! The capsules can be kept at room temperature because they are dormant inside their spore. They are amazingly shelf-stable and can retain full potency at high temperatures. It isn’t until AFTER you take the capsule and the probiotic makes its way past your stomach acid and into the intestine that the spore is shed and the LIVE probiotic goes to work.

Why take Just Thrive Probiotic WITH food when my DOCTOR tells me to take my probiotics on an empty stomach?

Taking a probiotic on an empty stomach is appropriate for the conventional strains, just not a 100% spore-based Bacillus formula like Just Thrive. In fact, this is a defining characteristic between a probiotic that remains alive through the barrier of stomach and bile acidity and one that does not.

When consuming bacteria that are dead upon arrival in the intestines (true for either fermented foods or conventional probiotics), you are providing nutrition to your living, permanent microbial residents in the form of dead bacterial bodies – like how compost provides nutrition to living plants in a garden.

The benefit these dead bacteria offer to our gut microbiome community varies from strain to strain because each genetically unique strain provides a different form of nutrition.

Specific benefit conferred by a specific strain is why doctors have historically not only preferred to work with single strains, rather than formulas, but also recommended trading out those strains over time. When the living gut microbiome community gets saturated with the nutrient unique to a particular strain, patient improvement will stop. At that point, the physician may then recommend another strain based on changing patient symptoms.

None of that, however, has any relevance when you consume Just Thrive Probiotic! Unlike bacteria in fermented foods and conventional probiotics, Just Thrive’s bacteria have been proven to remain 100% alive through the gastric barrier to their natural home, the gut. Studies have shown the highest reproduction rate for our spore-based bacteria when there is a “feast” waiting upon their arrival in the intestines, so we recommend you take our Probiotic with or just after a meal.

What is a spore-based probiotic and how does that differ from mold spores?

• Spore simply means shell. “Spore-based” indicates a microbe with the natural ability to dehydrate its extremity and retreat into an inactive but alive state. This external protection, which can be taken on and off as necessary, enables these organisms to survive a variety of challenging environments, including the harsh acidity of the stomach – a huge advantage in a probiotic!

• Both bacteria and fungi can be spore-based. Mold is a spore-based fungus, but Just Thrive Probiotic is completely different! It is comprised of 4 spore-based Bacillus strains, all of which have been studied for decades and found by experts to be completely natural to the human gut. In fact, as “universal” gut cleaners, spore bacillus are found in virtually all animals’ intestines.

(FUN FACT: One of the Bacillus strains used in Just Thrive was discovered in the gut of an extinct bee preserved for 25-40 million years in fossilized amber. Nevertheless, it was found to be completely alive and viable once it emerged from its spore state. That’s how protective that spore shell is!)

All four strains in Just Thrive Probiotic were chosen because their safety has been demonstrated by decades of research and use on a global scale.

Clinicians in Europe, Asia and Latin America have been successfully administering the strains in Just Thrive Probiotic to address gastric distress since the early 60’s. Bacillus clausii, for example, has been prescribed by physicians since 1958, is the most widely used probiotic in the world and is currently offered as a prescription in over 33 different countries.

Why are there so few spore-based probiotics on the shelf if physicians have been prescribing them for years?

Spore Bacillus are more challenging and expensive to manufacture, so U.S. companies opted for the less costly lacto/bifido-based probiotics. Starting about 2012, however, as a result of new technology being used in the Human Microbiome Project, very different and more in-depth understandings about the critical importance of these gut-friendly, spore-based bacteria began to be published. On shelves in the Fall of 2014, Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant is the first 100% spore-based probiotic formula in the retail market! Many probiotics formulated before 2012 are based on the extremely limited clinical studies available up to that point. Unlike Just Thrive, which is based on the newest science.

Is Just Thrive a Soil-Based Organisms (SBO) or Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSO) Probiotic?

NO, JUST THRIVE IS NEITHER SBO or HSO. HSOs and SBOs are loosely considered to be the same - organisms that reproduce and live in the soil. Some soil microbes have a spore shell; some do not. What all HSOs and SBOs have in common, though, is that soil is their natural home where they live and reproduce, making it fertile and microbiologically rich. The spore-based bacteria used in Just Thrive Probiotic can be commonly found in soil, but they do not actively live there. Unlike HSOs/SBOs, the natural home for Just Thrive’s bacteria – where they come alive and colonize - is the gut.

(FUN FACT: The reason healthy, clean soil is ideally loaded with this kind of gut friendly bacteria is because it is the easiest way for spore-based bacteria to catch a ride on a growing plant, be consumed by an animal and ultimately arrive in its natural home, the intestines.)