Regardless of breed, size, disposition, or age, there’s one universal truth about dog ownership:

You love your dog, and your dog loves you – Intensely, thoroughly, unconditionally

Even if you’ve just brought home a brand new puppy... Chances are good you’ve already enjoyed many moments and memories together that have embedded deep into your heart making your dog something more than just a pet...

Your pooch is truly a part of your family!

And as a full-fledged family member, you would do anything for your dog... Especially if something is bothering them

But it’s not always easy to tell when your dog isn’t feeling well.

After all, they can’t vocalize their needs like we can.

And if you’re not properly tuned in, potential problems can easily slip by undetected.

Case in point – Has your dog ever expressed any of the following:

  • Surprisingly smelly gas or poop
  • Diarrhea that’s difficult to pick up
  • Unusually bad breath
  • Odd changes in appetite
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Persistent tear stains, hair loss, or itchy skin
  • Behavior like separation anxiety, aggression, or hyperactivity

As disparate and different as the above bullets may seem, they all point to a singular, systemic health challenge in dogs

And, if the challenge goes unaddressed, it could negatively impact nearly all areas of your dog’s health and wellbeing…

The Real Source Of Your Dog’s
Discomfort and Behavior Changes

Your dog’s digestive system… Do you think about it much?

Chances are, it only becomes an area of focus when something seems intestinally “off.”

Things like unusually smelly gas that can clear a room, or runny stool that’s virtually impossible to pick up (and makes a mess of everything.)

But the truth is, the entirety of your dog’s digestive system – otherwise known as the GI tract or the gut – deserves your deeper scrutiny.

First - It’s worth noting that the gut of both people and dogs is home to over 70% of your total immune response.

Therefore, it’s no exaggeration to say that GI health can have a profound impact on your pup’s overall health.

All GI tracts are filled with trillions of tiny organisms (bacteria) collectively known as the gut microbiome.

As you might expect, these organisms help break down food to create the energy the body needs.

But processing food is only part of the gut story…

Studies on both animals and humans are finding direct connections between gut bacteria and the brain that play a big role in how we feel and how we behave.

And, there’s mounting evidence that points to the influence bacteria can have on the emotions of your dog.

This may shock you...

One study in particular found that a deficiency of the beneficial kind of bacteria in your dog’s GI system can lead to uncharacteristic and/or aggressive canine behaviors.

Translation: if your pup’s tummy – more specifically their gut bacteria – isn’t well taken care of, your relationship with your furry friend could be headed for some troubled waters...

Your Dog’s Gut Is Under
Constant Stress

As the largest immune barrier in the body, the gut meets all life’s stresses head on... And unfortunately, it doesn't take much to knock your dog’s gut microbiome out of whack.

You see, all dogs have surprisingly sensitive GI tracts that can easily be negatively impacted by many variables...

Common causes of an unbalanced canine gut include:

  • Wheat, corn, and soy (found in many commercial dog foods)
  • Eating poop, garbage, or dead animals
  • Emotional distress (thunderstorms, being boarded, separation anxiety)
  • Sudden dietary changes
  • Antibiotics
  • GI infections
  • Pesticides that linger in food, water, dirt, and grass

Any of the above stressors can take a toll on your dog’s gut microbiome, adversely impacting the quality and amount of beneficial bacteria.

That can lead to hostile takeover of bad bacteria, causing both discomfort and unfavorable behavioral changes for your dog.

The smelly gas… the diarrhea… the sleeping difficulties…. the anxiety, aggression, and/or hyperactivity...

That’s when things can get really challenging… The last thing any dog owner wants is for their pup to be in discomfort or distress...

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for caring for your dog’s health.

You can quickly address tummy troubles by supporting the health of their gut bacteria... And you can do so in less than 20 seconds a day!

Introducing Just Pets Probiotic™

Support the optimal health and protection of your dog’s gut to help them feel their best.

If your dog’s health was a math equation, it would look like this:

A happy and optimized gut = a healthy doggie.

For decades probiotics have been touted as our best gut-optimizing allies.

In contrast to antibiotics, the right probiotic will work with your dog’s immune system to support optimal function.

In fact, research highlights that probiotics like Just Pets Probiotic™ are effective, safe, and more cost effective than many conventional treatments.

But here’s what makes Just Pets Probiotic™ so unique in the marketplace:

According to research, your dog’s naturally harsh stomach acid – which is necessary for digesting all types of foods – kills off 99.99% of the probiotic strains available on the market.

That means most doggy probiotic products die long before their active strains get to the intestines.

Shockingly, even the *supposedly* special “live” probiotics found in the refrigerated section are “dead on arrival” when they reach the areas they’re needed most.

(This actually makes a lot of sense – If a probiotic can’t survive at room temperature, how can it possibly survive the typical dog’s body temperature of 101 degrees?!?)

Our unique, spore-based probiotic strains are designed by nature to arrive 100% alive in the intestines where they can support digestive, behavioral, and immune system health!

With one daily serving of Just Pets Probiotic™, you can help your dog:

  • Increase the levels of good gut bacteria
  • Decrease the levels of bad gut bacteria

The resulting “bacterial balance” payoff encourages a wide range of health benefits beyond just the digestive system (though, of course, it does optimize digestion and nutrient absorption.)

For your dog, a well-balanced gut microbiome supports:

  • Proper immune system responses
  • Healthy weight management
  • Strong bones
  • Comfortable joints
  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • Shiny coat
  • Thriving skin
  • Boundless energy

As you can see, a healthy gut can have a wonderfully positive impact on your dog’s well-being, both in how they FEEL and how they BEHAVE.

And the superstrains that we’ve intentionally assembled for Just Pets Probiotic™ don’t just work allegorically… They’re proven effective.

Proven Power Players:
The Just Pets Probiotic™ Superstrains

There’s no more need to waste time and money on ineffective products that arrive DOA in your dog’s tummy...

The advanced spore technology in our probiotic makes it the first pet supplement clinically proven to support digestive health in dogs.

Here are the big guns that serve and support the optimal health and protection of your pup’s gut:

Superstrain #1: Bacillus Subtilis HU58

Maximum resilience against harmful bacteria!

This strain is so resilient that researchers at California Polytechnic State University reported reviving Bacillus spores from the gut of a 25-million-year-old bee that was fossilized in amber!

Once inside your dog’s gut, this strain produces 12 protective defenders against harmful bacteria to simply help your pup FEEL and BEHAVE GREAT...

Superstrain #2: Bacillus Licheniformis (SL-307)

Say goodbye to smelly gas, tummy troubles, and more!

This strain pulls TRIPLE duty: supporting the strong health of your dog’s immune system, producing powerful enzymes to encourage healthy digestion, and helping maintain the gut barrier.

To boot, this bacteria produces the full spectrum of B vitamins right in the gut, including folate and biotin which support the development of healthy skin and fur. [1]

Superstrain #3: Pediococcus Acidilactii

Bid adieu to diarrhea and show bodily bad guys the door!

This strain has been shown to have a wide range of benefits in dogs of all shapes and sizes.

It can provide a treasure trove of relief if your dog has been dealing with digestive challenges like diarrhea and constipation, while also supporting your pup’s oral health.

What’s more, it acts like a bouncer for your pup’s gut, quickly escorting out unwanted guests (ie: pathogens.)

Adding Just Pets Probiotic™ To Your Pup’s Immune Health Regimen is easy!

Just Pets Probiotic™ is mixed with irresistible defatted grass-fed beef liver for flavor and aroma.

  • Put the probiotic capsule directly in your dog’s food
  • The capsule can be opened and sprinkled onto food or consumed whole
  • Start with 1 capsule every other day for the first week
  • Then increase to 1 capsule daily, preferably with your dog’s largest meal.

The Just Thrive spore-based probiotic is a proven, potent and effective supplement that can help your dog be their best and healthiest self.

Your dog’s entire body will benefit when their gut is healthy!

And that’s not all!...

You may notice a calming effect on your dog’s entire system...

In fact, many of our satisfied probiotic clients report their dogs have more energy, sleep great, and overall are ”just wonderful” to be around...

And You Can Feel Good Knowing That Each Serving Of Just Pets Probiotic™ Is Proudly...

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Wheat Free

Nut Free

Soy Free

Chicken Free

Bottom-of-the-Bottle Guarantee

At Just Thrive we’re passionate about our dogs and their health, and we ensure the integrity and quality of our products.

That's why we're proud to stand behind every sale with a 100% customer satisfaction "Bottom-of-the-Bottle" Guarantee:

If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase of any Just Thrive product purchased on, return it to us for a full refund* and ANY TIME... Even if the bottle is empty

*Excludes shipping. Applies to a maximum of two bottles purchased directly from Just Thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your dog’s GI tract, mouth, organs, and the surface of the skin all have natural bacteria living in them. Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria naturally found in your dog's body. We often refer to probiotics as the “good guys.”

Studies have shown that the 100 trillion bacteria cells in the digestive system have a profound effect on overall health and wellness. They play a critical role in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food. They also protect the body from harmful organisms by strengthening the immune system. They modulate the immune system to help address undesired immune responses like allergies, autoimmune, etc. Recent studies also have linked a healthy gut flora to better emotional health, weight control, sexual function, and improved cognitive function.

If your dog’s gut has an imbalance of bacteria where the harmful pathogens outweigh the natural flora, it is a good idea to supplement with probiotics. The good bacteria packed into Just Pets Probiotic™ survives the trek from your pup’s mouth to the gut, releasing beneficial strains into the digestive system to promote bacterial balance and a healthy gut.

While the Just Thrive human Probiotics likely wouldn't do any real harm to your dog, the bacteria in your pup's system is different from yours. For that reason, it's much more beneficial to give your dog a probiotic that’s custom designed for her/him. The Just Pets Probiotic™ is the first pet supplement clinically proven to support digestive health in dogs.

Probiotics can provide a significant amount of benefit to your canine companion. If your dog suffers from tummy trouble or GI distress, our probiotic can provide calm and support healthy stomach function. Additionally, when your dog’s gut is healthy, it positively impacts your dog's immune system, can help regulate behavior and mood, and supports oral health along with healthy weight management.

All dogs can benefit from a healthy gut. If your pup is dealing with stomach issues like smelly gas, diarrhea, or constipation, or if your pooch is experiencing abnormal behavior changes, then Just Pets Probiotic™ may be beneficial.

Just Pets Probiotic™ is mixed with irresistible defatted grass-fed beef liver for flavor and aroma. The best way to give your dog our probiotic is as follows:
  • Put the probiotic capsule directly in your dog’s food
  • The capsule can be opened and sprinkled onto food or consumed whole
  • Start with 1 capsule every other day for the first week
  • Then increase to 1 capsule daily, preferably with your dog’s largest meal.


Just Pets Probiotic™ is:


Our product contains patented probiotic strains that are guaranteed to arrive 100% alive in your dog’s gut.

They’ll go to work producing digestive enzymes, supporting the immune system, and maintaining the gut barrier.


In contrast to antibiotics, probiotics work with your animal’s immune system to improve overall function...

Rather than simply killing off pathogens and many beneficial microbes in the process.


Researchers at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Romania administered a daily probiotic supplement containing the strains found in Just Thrive Pet Probiotic™ to 11 dogs for a total of 30 days.

Dogs were divided into two groups: healthy dogs with no GI distress and dogs experiencing diarrhea and vomiting. Results indicated that in dogs with gut challenges:

  • GI issues were greatly reduced, or disappeared entirely
  • Leaky gut markers were dramatically reduced

In addition, the probiotic strains did not produce adverse symptoms in healthy dogs and appeared to reduce flatulence.

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