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Affiliate Tool Kit_2020


Welcome to the Just Thrive Affiliate Program. Now that you’re on board, you’ll have access to lots of resources designed to make incorporating Just Thrive’s brand and messaging into your own, as simple and natural as it can – and should – be. 

Inside this affiliate kit, you’ll find examples of Blog Posts, Emails, and various Social Media Swipes, along with shareable banner graphics, product images, lifestyle images and social/fun images.

(NOTE: Please find  IMAGES - product, lifestyle and social/fun - at the bottom of this page.  You can access every image we have available right in your affiliate dashboard in Refersion under creatives.  That is your best spot to access images. We update every season. We also absolutely also encourage you to create your own images to best suit the look and feel of your personal brand and social media pages.)

Feel free to use this copy exactly as you see it, or personalize it with your own insights. We want to help you help your tribe find new products that become their favorites…and your recommendations will go a long way toward making that happen!

Perks: The Bells & Whistles

  • 5-10% commission for all products
  • 10-15% off promo codes to offer your audience to save money on their purchase
  • Top affiliates will be the first to try new products
  • Special gifts and recognition for top affiliates
  • Commissions are paid out monthly around the 1st of each month
  • Commissions are paid via PayPal
  • We are ALWAYS looking for giveaway hosts, story mentions and general posts about Just Thrive and WHY we are different than just about every other supplement company on the market...Why??  Because we are one of, if not, the ONLY supplement company that does human clinical trials on our products. No animals, no petri dishes, humans.  We have over a dozen clinical trials ongoing and numerous published studies. WE will share in our stories, posts and company newsletters anytime we are mentioned, so please always tag us @justthrivehealth
  • You will also have access to our quarterly company wide conference call with our microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan.  He discusses new products, new studies and does a full Q and A at the end. They are super fun and super informative!  We want you to be as knowledgeable about Just Thrive as we are!
  • You have a dedicated contact! Please email Affiliate Manager, Beth Danko at if you have any questions, need help for any reason, at any time…or have a fun collaboration idea that you want to run by us!


Let's Get House Rules Outta' the Way...

We’d also like to remind you of a few house rules to keep us all happy:

  • We do not allow affiliates to advertise on networks as our brand, or by using our common branding information. If this is done, we hold the right to immediately suspend your affiliate account and any unpaid affiliate commissions will be null and void.  You can however, represent Just Thrive as an affiliate, but you must mention that you are a partner of ours.
  • We require that you use Just Thrive approved banners, images and logos in all Just Thrive® promotions, emails and social media mentions. You CAN of course, use your own lifestyle images to best suit your audience.  But please make sure the images are done in good taste to best represent Just Thrive. NO alcohol, no drugs, no inappropriate images.  If we see an image not following these guidelines, you will be removed as an affiliate and all commissions owed will be null and void. 
  • You must never say “cure” or “treat” or “diagnose” anyone with Just Thrive products. For example, Just Thrive will not “cure”  SIBO, but it can certainly help as one of the strains in Just Thrive has been used as a prescription probiotic for SIBO for years in Europe and Asia. We always recommend customers consult with their doctor or natural health care practitioner before starting any Just Thrive  products. **Please abide by these rules and just give general recommendations based on your own personal experience as well as share any of our information found in this toolkit, on our website and in our social media.   

The Goodies: Copy, Creatives, Graphics & More


Below you'll find blog posts for you to use:



Here are some of our best-performing email campaigns:


Title: Hot Topic: Probiotic Survivability

Dear [Name],

Why is the topic of SURVIVABILITY so important when we discuss probiotics?? Check this out: Researchers discovered that the body’s naturally harsh stomach acid, which is necessary for digesting all types of foods, kills off 99.99% of the probiotic strains in the major sources of probiotics...long before those products could even get to the small intestine. Yogurts, greek yogurts AND the majority of probiotics on the retail market do not survive passage through the harsh stomach environment and so, are dead on arrival to the intestines. (YIKES, not what you thought you paid for!)

SO what does that mean to YOU? If you’re taking a probiotic that does NOT arrive alive to the intestines, they simply pass through your body without providing any health benefit at all. How could they - they are dead!

Not so with Just Thrive Probiotic! Learn more by searching “survivability” on our website at


[Your name]



Title: Super Spores Save the Day!

Dear [Name],

What’s the difference between a spore probiotic and a regular probiotic? (It’s a question asked by more people that you’d think!!)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

First, let’s clarify: “Regular” represents what is being sold at the retail level (and has been there for decades, without any change to formulation based on what modern science has revealed!). While it's shocking, a whopping 95% or more are multi-strain, lactobacillus and/or bifidobacterium based formulas. (Can we see some hands for anyone who want to challenge this stale, status quo?!)

On the contrary, spore strains (scientifically speaking) begin with the word “Bacillus.” If a strain listed on a label begins with anything else, it is one of the more fragile, non-spore bacteria strains.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


But how do you know what’s best for you? Here are 4 Questions to Ask Your Manufacturer to get the insider scoop: [link to your blog and include this information and 4 questions]. 


[Your name]


Subject line: How a 250-million year-old probiotic helps you thrive

Alt. Subject line: How to get the world’s most powerful probiotic

Preview: Prehistoric probiotic has been keeping humans healthy since the dawn of time

Hi { | there}!

Did you know there’s a strain of probiotic that’s been around since the age of the dinosaurs?

It’s called bacillus, and there’s evidence that it’s the first probiotic, ever. 

About 20 years ago, researchers isolated and then grew bacillus cells they found in a 250 million-year-old salt crystal. 

Before that, scientists discovered some of this viable bacterium in the gut of an extinct bee that had been preserved in amber for 25-40 million years! The fact that it was found in the digestive system of an animal proves its probiotic function. 

The bacillus species has been found all across the world, from polar ice caps to tropical islands. It has a remarkable ability to survive just about anything.

Unlike lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species, the more common bacteria in probiotic supplements…

Bacillus species can survive for millions of years in hot climates, which means it can withstand the heat and acidity of the human digestive system to arrive alive in the gut. 

Once there, it delivers powerful probiotics right in your gut, where it helps you:

  • Experience more consistent good moods with less anxiety
  • Enjoy smoother, easier digestion
  • Manage weight more easily
  • Feel more energetic
  • And so much more!

Other strains of probiotics can’t make the journey to your gut intact. They’re often DOA (Dead on Arrival). 

Which is why our friends over at Just Thrive use four different strains of bacillus species exclusively in their probiotics.

They have a 100% survivability rate, compared to your average probiotics, so you can rest assured you’re getting the most powerful dose of healthy bacteria available.

And for a short time, the Just Thrive team is offering our readers a XX% discount so you can try it out and see the difference for yourself. 

>> Click here to discover the bacillus difference, only available through Just Thrive <<



P.S. I forgot to mention that Just Thrive offers an Anytime “Bottom of the Bottle” Guarantee. If you don’t experience problem-free digestion, easy weight management and more energy…

Or if you just don’t like it, you can return your order for a full, hassle-free refund. 

Take a risk-free look at Just Thrive Probiotics today!



EXAMPLE: PHOTO + COPY (Bulletproof Coffee Recipe) 

💥SUPERCHARGE💥 your morning! ☕️ #ThriveProbiotic capsules can be opened and mixed into your hot #coffee (they survive up to 450 degrees🔥)! Plus caffeine, collagen, and a fat boost and you will OWN the day - even more than usual! 😉💪🏼🙌🏼⠀To make: Blend 10 ounces of hot organic coffee with 1-2 tbsp @kerrygoldusa butter + 1 tbsp @traderjoes organic coconut oil + 1 scoop @primalkitchenfoods Chocolate Coconut collagen peptide powder + dash of cinnamon + contents of one @thriveprobiotic probiotic & antioxidant capsule. 🙌🏼


EXAMPLE: PHOTO + COPY (Kids/Dirt/Germs) 

Your mom probably scolded you for playing in the dirt, but doing so may be healthy (according to a 2016 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine). With kids heading back to school, they’re bound to face new germs, and it’s our jobs as parents to help keep them feeling their healthiest and best! But did you know - not all germs are bad? (Check out this article from #KiranKrishnan about How Germs Can Boost Your Health: Since kids can take Just Thrive Probiotic, too (in fact, all of ours do!), it’s best to start them on a daily regimen before school begins to ensure their systems are ready to battle - or befriend - any germs headed their way!


EXAMPLE: COPY ONLY (add your own pics)

We want you to FLOURISH this season! 💗🌸 Buy flowers, send birthday cards to your faves, and get yourself a probiotic that promotes #guthealth and survives all the way to your digestive tract. 👊🏼✨ We know it can be hard to find a probiotic you trust to WORK (with so many options out there), so we encourage you to read online reviews from our customers who are truly seeing results, then try it for yourself! 😊 Just Thrive's overall goal is for you to FEEL GOOD. 💕



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  • #guthealthmatters
  • #leakygut
  • #justthrivetribe
  • #justaddjustthrive (great for recipe posts)
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  • #naturalhealth
  • #healthygut
  • #sporeprobiotics












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