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Your Immune System’s Essential Mineral Superheroes

Your immune system has a very tough job… especially right now.

It’s doing the best it can to keep you safe in the face of constant threats.

And while you’re doing your part washing your hands and making smart/protective choices, it’s likely your immune system simply needs more.

To run smoothly and effectively, it specifically needs two essential minerals:

Zinc and Selenium.

As with most things in life, nature provides these minerals through natural means (certain foods, etc)… But can you be sure you’re getting enough?

Because even minor deficiencies in either of these minerals can make you much more vulnerable to infections – and that includes viral infections.

And if you do get sick, your quick and complete recovery will benefit greatly from the support essential minerals like zinc and selenium provide. 

What Makes a Mineral Essential? 

When it comes to essential minerals, there’s a technical definition and a practical definition.

Technically speaking, essential minerals are nutrients you need to get through food and supplements because your body can’t generate them.

Practically speaking, these minerals are essential because you can’t live without them. They play important roles in how your cells, organs, and whole body function.

Two essential minerals in particular (zinc and selenium) keep your immune system strong, responsive, and balanced.

And when you don't get enough of these two essentials – which is much more common than you might think – you’ll be vulnerable to viral infections and chronic illness.

Bottom line: You simply can’t be in your best health without them!



How These Essential Minerals Protect Your Health

The two most important minerals for immune resilience – zinc and selenium – don’t get nearly enough attention.

They’re not as popular as splashy minerals like calcium or iron… but they’re even more important for your lifelong health because they keep your immune system functioning properly. 

And without them, your immune system can’t fight off the constant barrage of infectious bacteria and viruses you’re exposed to everyday. 

Your immune system counts on zinc and selenium in dozens of critical ways. When it doesn’t have enough of both, the likelihood of you getting infections skyrockets.

And if you do get sick, you could be facing worse outcomes if you don’t have zinc and selenium on board.

In fact, one study found that among people hospitalized with infectious diseases, 66.7% had zinc deficiencies and 46.6% had selenium deficiencies. 

Plus, infections can drain your body’s supplies of zinc and selenium.  That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you're getting enough of both of these essential minerals… and giving your immune system a fighting chance. 

7 Ways Your Immune System Relies on Zinc 

Your body needs zinc to stay healthy

This essential mineral works quietly in the background, allowing your cells to function properly. And one of its most important jobs involves helping your immune system fight off infections in several critical ways.

Decades of scientific studies demonstrate just how essential zinc is for your immune system: 

  1. Immune cells can’t develop or function properly with out zinc 
  2. Zinc helps your immune system learn how to respond better and smarter during the course of viral infections 
  3. Zinc directly fights viruses and stimulates your immune system’s anti-viral attack 
  4. Zinc boosts immune function and reduces the risk of infection, especially in older adults 
  5. Zinc stops potentially deadly immune system overreactions – like cytokine storms – from ever starting 
  6. Zinc strengthens the natural barrier cells that prevent pathogens from entering your body 
  7. Low levels of zinc can make you more vulnerable to a wide variety of pathogens 

You can see why getting plenty of zinc can make all the difference when viruses are going around. Because without enough zinc, your immune system simply can’t fully protect you. 




Superstar Selenium Supercharges Immune Resilience

Selenium has mightily powerful effects on your immune system,  and it strongly influences your body’s immune and inflammatory responses.

When selenium supplies run low, your immune system can’t take on viral infections as effectively. 

Some of selenium’s immune-boosting powers come from its strong antioxidant activity. By protecting critical immune cells from free radicals, selenium helps your immune system stay alert and resilient. 

Your body also uses selenium to make selenoproteins, which perform countless protective functions.

Case in point: Research shows that selenium helps lower the incidence and severity of many viruses. That means you get sick less often… and for shorter periods when infections do take hold. 

Studies show that selenium helps keep you stay healthy by:  

  • Initiating immune system responses
  • Reducing chronic inflammation
  • Preventing excessive immune reactions
  • Improving anti-viral immunity

Selenium makes a powerful ally in the fight against contagious infections… so it’s critically important to make sure you’re getting enough of this essential mineral. 

You Probably Don’t Get Enough Zinc and Selenium 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone… 

Millions of us don’t get enough zinc   and selenium  for optimal immune health

But some groups of people face higher than normal risk for too-low levels of these two essential minerals.

Since many of the richest sources come from animal products, vegetarians and vegans may not get enough zinc or selenium to stay in peak health. Plus, it can be hard for your body to absorb enough of these minerals from plant food alone.

People with gastrointestinal (GI) issues may also have trouble absorbing zinc and selenium from foods. That group includes people with GI disorders like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and celiac disease, as well as people who’ve undergone GI surgeries (like lap-band surgery).

But even without intake or absorption issues, it can be tough to get all the zinc and selenium your immune system needs to fight off everything going around.
That’s why scientists recommend supplementing these two essential minerals to boost your resistance to pathogens. 

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  • Echinacea, the world’s most relied on immune-strengthening herb
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