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Gut Health

The Secret to Sticking to Your Diet During the Holidays

Keeping those extra holiday pounds from going straight to your waist line is one of the oldest topics in recent history. Despite our best efforts, we all indulge a little too much in the grab bag of seasonal cocktails, delectable sweets, and over-sized portions of holiday meals — to the point where “food coma” isn’t just a joke, but a harsh reality. 

Beyond the lore, the effect of the holiday diet (or lack thereof) is important to consider for our overall health and well-being. While we all know the damage we’re doing to our bodies when we snag that extra cupcake, it’s important to address exactly how we can get the most out of our favorite foods while still keeping our eyes on our health.

How can we combat the effects of Holiday eating?

The mass consumption of food, spirits, and sweets can lead to indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and gas caused by a bacterial imbalance in the GI tract.

Here are a couple ways we can combat these nasty food side effects:

  1.  Stick to your diet, and don’t eat the stuff you know will hurt you later.

    We know it’s not fun, but it’s definitely the most effective way to stick to your diet, keep your figure, and not worry about the associated health side effects.

  2. Add a couple more veggies to the meals.

    Yes, we know Granny’s green beans aren’t the most fun going down, but they’ll make you feel better later.

  3. Add a high quality probiotic

    This is our favorite. Not only do you have a chance to enjoy all the holidays have to offer, but you can say goodbye to a lot of extra bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, and heartburn without sacrificing your favorites. If you add in some extra healthy digestion-friendly recipes and add a great probiotic, it’s like topping off your hot chocolate with just a little whipped cream.

So how can we enjoy our favorite foods, and stay healthy too?

Some might say the best method to combat over-eating during the holidays is through the “push away” method, but let’s be honest — how many times can we really turn down mom’s cooking?

This is why the holidays are the perfect time to introduce Probiotics into your diet.

Not only will they help keep your immune system strong with the changing weather, but it will give that extra boost to help give your digestive system perform at its best.

Let’s not forget that your digestive system needs a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria to properly function and keep our stomachs happy.

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