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Gut Health

Immune Support: What Spore Probiotics Do that NO Medication, Herbs or Conventional Probiotics Can!


By Joanie Blaxter, Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, California

Do you know why digestive problems go hand-in-hand with a lowered immune response?

Location, location, location! Our gut bacteria and immune system are both in the same area of the body – the intestines. With approximately 80% of our immune system receptor sites embedded in our intestinal walls, peak immune functioning depends directly upon the output of the microbial population contained within our gut.

All gut microbes naturally create by-products as the result of their living process inside us. Microbes producing health-enhancing substances are described as “probiotic” or helpful, while “pathological” or harmful microbes produce “endotoxins” meaning those by-products are irritating or inflammatory.

A central job of beneficial microbes is to protect our immune system by keeping the harmful strains in check. Otherwise, our body becomes increasingly stressed with an overload of these bacteria-produced inflammatory irritants.

Both overeating and alcohol can kill off good gut bacteria. Excessive sugar or carbohydrate consumption can encourage the growth of the “bad” strains over the “good.” What do you get when you put alcohol, sugar and overeating together? Hint: it always comes in December…

Harmful bacterial by-products in our gut:

  • Interfere with the immune system receptor sites in our intestinal wall, possibly making us susceptible to picking up opportunistic viruses and bacteria (Remember that January flu bug you got that seemed like it took forever to completely shake?).
  • Stress out detoxifying organs working overtime to strain these poisonous endotoxins out of our bloodstream. (Now factor in all the alcohol you imbibed at those three holiday parties capped off by the New Years Eve bash – yep, that was a set up for disaster.)
  • Create Leaky Gut. Chronically irritated intestines eventually develop microscopic holes, ie ‘Leaky Gut,’ through which substances from in the intestines – endotoxins, bacteria, food particles, etc. – leak directly into the bloodstream.

Once Leaky Gut develops, leaked substances inappropriately floating around in the bloodstream can:

  • Stress an already compromised immune system to additionally produce multiple antibodies whose job is to surround, engulf, “neutralize” and conduct foreign invaders out of the system.
  • Further burden our already overwhelmed liver and kidneys with also having to filtering out miscellaneous food particles, bacteria, etc.
  • Overstimulate the adrenals into high alert as they now regard the body to be under ongoing pathological threat, possibly leading to chronic, excessive cortisol production and adrenal exhaustion.
  • Increase our overall bodily inflammatory load as detoxifying organs slow down. Circulating around and around, these bacteria-produced endotoxins carried by the bloodstream can cause an inflammatory response potentially anywhere in the body, including the brain.

But here’s the good news for immune support!

Only Just Thrive Spore Probiotic has a recently published human trial showing that it “significantly” reversed Leaky Gut by reducing endotoxin levels. Furthermore, it did this at just one cap daily in 30 days with no other changes in diet or lifestyle. (See  Oral spore-based probiotic supplementation published by the World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology August 2017.) 

The bi-phasic (can live with or without oxygen), gut commensal (meaning the gut is their natural home) spore bacteria strains in Just Thrive do what no other cough/cold/flu medication, herb or conventional, non-spore probiotic can do.

Just Thrive Probiotic’s Spore Bacillus:

  • 100% remain ALIVE to our intestines, unlike lacto/bifido strains which are 99+% killed by stomach acid and unable to colonize in the oxygen-free gut,
  • Actually can distinguish between beneficial versus harmful microbes in our gut. Because Just Thrive consists ONLY of “gut commensal” strains and it’s in these “intelligent” bacteria’s best interest that the host (you and me, folks!) remain healthy, these strains
  • Kill ONLY harmful, invasive microbes in our gut microbiome while at the same time
  • Feed, protect and increase the beneficial population (Just Thrive’s clinical study shows a 30% improvement in the gut microbiome in about 14 days at one cap daily).
  • Provide critical immune benefit by reducing the endotoxin level produced by pathological gut bacteria.

Intelligent, ALIVE spore bacteria do for our health what no chemical or herb can

The ability of these living bacteria to selectively kill only the bad microbes while increasing the good Is what makes Just Thrive’s Spore Probiotic fundamentally different from all other traditional forms of immune support.

Chemically based antimicrobials, even the “natural” ones like colloidal silver or oregano oil, kill all bacteria, beneficial and harmful, leaving the door wide open for a regrowth of the hardy, antibiotic-resistant “bad guys.”

At the first sign of a cold/flu or digestive discomfort, I temporarily increase my Just Thrive Spore Probiotic dose. It’s worked every time! And that’s not all these carefully selected Just Thrive Spore bacteria do…

Immune support AND vitamin production

ONLY Just Thrive Spore Probiotic contains the unique, patented Bacillus Indicus HU36 which produces an astounding SEVEN different antioxidants in our gut.

These beneficial byproducts are not just a dusting, but actual RDA measurable levels, produced right next to the microvilli extending from the inside of the intestinal walls. Since the job of microvilli is to absorb nutrients, this ensures peak absorption of these bacteria-produced vitamins so needed during times of extra stress.

All together, all four licensed spore strains in Just Thrive have been shown in studies to produce:

  • Full range of the natural B Complex, including Methyl B12 and folate (not the artificial folic acid)
  • Quinols (as in CoQ10-Quinol, etc)
  • Vitamin K
  • Astaxanthin
  • Zeaxanthin
  • CoQ10
  • Alpha carotene
  • Beta carotene
  • Lycopene
  • Lutein

As the ultimate gut cleaners, Just Thrive’s unique, proprietary Spore Bacillus strains not only can provide critical immune support by reducing endotoxin levels, but also, especially with the patented Indicus HU36, turn our gut into a virtual vitamin production factory!

Got the winter blues? Reach first for Just Thrive’s 100% Spore Probiotic!

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