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How to Minimize Die Off Symptoms

You probably started taking probiotics to reboot your gut and improve your gut health…

So why do you feel so “meh”? 

After all, you’re doing something great for your body… taking one of the best steps you can to support your wellness and vitality…

In times like this, it’s not uncommon for some people to consider stopping their probiotics.

But here’s a pro tip: Don’t!

The symptoms you’re currently experiencing are caused by something known as “die off,” and it’s actually a fantastic sign. It means the probiotics are working exactly how they’re supposed to! 

BONUS: There’s a way you can successfully reboot your gut AND avoid those annoying symptoms… or make them go away… by following a simple 5-step plan. 


Why “Die Off” Means Your Probiotics Are Working

Die off is a normal – even welcome – part of detoxing and rebalancing your gut. After all, your microbiome can only make space for beneficial probiotic bacteria by killing off harmful pathogens. 

Your gut microbiome is home to trillions of bacteria... And when your gut has been out of balance – a condition called dysbiosis – that means harmful pathogens have vastly outnumbered beneficial probiotics. 

Getting your gut back into healthy balance involves more than adding in fresh probiotic bacteria… 

Your body also needs to get rid of the overgrowth of pathogens… by killing them… and that leads to what we affectionately refer to as “die off.”

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Why Die Off Makes You Feel “Off”

As probiotics begin to gain back a foothold in your gut microbiome, they start crowding out pathogens out in every way they can. 

As those pathogens get eliminated, they release toxic substances. And because you’ve started a gut-rebooting regimen with your probiotic, billions or trillions of pathogens can die off all at once. 

That means your body can get suddenly flooded with more toxins than it’s used to handling. 

The mass die off triggers an immune system response – and it should! When your immune system senses a sudden toxin overload, you want it to respond quickly. 

But the combination of the die off itself and the immune response can leave you temporarily suffering from symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Rashes
  • Sometimes even flu-like feelings

That can be really frustrating – especially when your goal is to feel your healthiest!

But don’t give up! There’s a simple way to dial down those symptoms… or even avoid them entirely.

NOTE: Not having die off symptoms doesn’t mean that your probiotic isn’t working. Everyone’s bacterial balance is unique, and therefore everyone will experience their probiotic supplement differently.

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5 Steps to Minimize – or Eliminate – Die Off 

If you’re experiencing annoying die off symptoms – or if you’d like to skip over them completely – you can take these 5 simple steps to help shut them down.

These steps will help you meet your goal of a healthy, well-balanced gut microbiome… even if it takes just a little more time to get there. But you will get there with greater comfort and ease.

Step 1: Go low and slow with clinically proven spore probiotics

When you’re ready to rebalance your gut, you want to use the most effective spore probiotics. More potent than standard probiotics you find on the grocery store shelves, spore probiotics arrive in the gut 100% alive and ready to pave the way for a healthier gut.

Look for spore probiotics that have been scientifically shown to substantially increase key beneficial gut bacteria. Then, follow these guidelines for successful, comfortable gut microbiome reboot:

  • Start with a half-dose of spore probiotics, and take it with food
  • Slowly increase the dose until you’re taking one full capsule daily with food
  • If you start experiencing uncomfortable die off symptoms, go back to a lower dose for a day or two before moving forward again
  • Once you're comfortably taking a full daily dose, keep taking it every day to keep your gut microbiome in balance

Step 2: Drink a lot of water

Drinking plenty of water helps your body get rid of dead bacteria and the toxins they release. The more you pee, the faster your body will be able to flush them all out.

Step 3: Work up a sweat

Sweat is another way your body rids itself of toxins. Do some light exercise… bundle up… hit the sauna… whatever “getting sweaty method” works for you. 

Movement can be doubly helpful here, because moving more increases your body’s ability to transport toxins out of your cells for elimination.

Step 4: Enjoy restorative sleep

When you’re trying to avoid or minimize die off symptoms, you don’t want to skimp on restorative sleep. Your body counts on that down time to restore, repair, and rejuvenate you… and also for a chance to focus on clearing out waste. 

Now is the time to ensure you’re getting the recommended 8 hours of shut-eye… At a minimum!

Step 5: Nourish the probiotic bacteria in your gut

Once you can tolerate a full daily dose of spore probiotics without experiencing any unwanted symptoms, you’re ready to take a leap forward. 

Your gut microbiome has now made strides toward healthy balance, so you want to encourage and support the beneficial bacteria – and leave pathogens out in the cold. 

This is the perfect time to bring in targeted, precision PREbiotics – the preferred food of beneficial bacteria. 

The right PREbiotics will selectively nourish only your probiotic bacteria, giving them their best chance to grow and flourish. And that’s how you’ll keep your gut microbiome in healthy balance for the long haul… so you will (hopefully) never have to deal with die-off again.


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