Foods That Boost Your Immune System

"Regular" fruits and vegetables are very different from "organic" fruits and vegetables. How? Organic fruits, vegetables, and other crops are farmed and harvested without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) during their growth processes. Organic farming also consists of carrying out practices that optimize and stay compliant with soil and water conservation regulations.

Eating organically and avoiding GMOs provides so many benefits to your health, especially when it comes to boosting the immune system.


The Difference Between Organic, Non-GMO and GMO Foods

Organic and non-GMO foods, probiotics, and vitamin supplements contain enormous amounts of nutrients and should be consumed daily to give your body a boost in the vitamins it needs. 

When shopping for organic foods, it’s imperative to be aware of the differences between organic, non-GMO, and GMO foods. Just because a food is labeled as being non-GMO doesn’t necessarily mean it’s organic. However, non-GMO foods are much healthier than GMO foods, despite not having gone through the organic growth process.

The purpose of adding GMOs to foods is to extend their shelf life, both in the store and in your pantry. The use of GMOs in food was approved based on knowledge relating to genetics that stems from 40 years ago. As we learn more about GMO foods and their impact on health, we are starting to see how they can be detrimental to our health, specifically to the immune system.

Also with probiotics and supplements, paying attention to ingredients and labels is critical. When shopping, look for probiotics and vitamin supplements that are clearly labeled as "Non GMO" to ensure safety and high quality. Just Thrive Probiotic and Just Thrive Vitamin K2-7 are great examples of products with high integrity that are non-GMO, all natural, and contain zero allergens that would negatively affect immune health or whole body health.


Benefits of Following a Non-GMO Diet

Consuming GMO-rich foods regularly can negatively impact your health. Combining this with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity, increased risk of heart disease, and more. Following a non-GMO diet and lifestyle, on the other hand, can significantly improve your immune health quickly.

GMO foods fail to supply the body with adequate amounts of nutrients because they contain synthesized versions of the ingredients. Eating organically, on the other hand, provides your body and immune system with the proper nutrients it needs, like vitamin A, C, D, zinc, and more.

Your physical recovery is improved when following a non-GMO diet. Certain toxins, like the Bt-toxin, are often found in GMO foods. These toxins prevent your body from recovering quickly after performing heavy amounts of physical activity.

Cutting GMO foods out of your diet increases energy levels and helps your body recover after bouts of heavy physical activity and exercise. This is why many professional athletes are advised to follow a non-GMO diet and to take certain supplements.

Maintain a Healthy GI Tract with Organic Foods that Naturally Boost Your Immune System

Your gut is primarily responsible for keeping toxins from entering the bloodstream, but GMO foods are known to increase intestinal permeability, especially those that have been harvested with glyphosate. A non-GMO diet decreases intestinal permeability and ensures your body is nourished with good bacteria instead of bad bacteria and toxins.

Many other substances can also negatively impact our immune health. Alcohol consumption, for example, can greatly irritate your gut's mucosal barrier. Or, a high intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can create negative responses from your gut as well, especially aspirin and ibuprofen.

To counteract this issue, it's imperative to follow a diet that's high in phosphatidylcholine. You'll also want to eat organic and non-GMO foods that are rich in vitamin A, as they support strong gastrointestinal health. This vitamin also enhances protective mucous growth in the gastrointestinal tract.

Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno peppers are jam-packed with Vitamin A and get their spicy taste from a compound called capsaicin, which is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps prevent arthritis and other skin conditions. There are also reports that jalapeno peppers keep your metabolism running smoothly. Peppers come in all variety of spices, so there’s no need to fret about your mouth getting too hot.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a phrase that everyone can recognize. Fortunately, this phrase still holds true to its word because apples are full of healthy nutrients that boost your immune system. Apples are also known to reduce asthma symptoms because they contain a flavonoid called khellin, which opens your airways. Just like jalapeno peppers, apples are rich in fiber, which is of utmost importance because it aids your immune system, digestive system, and reduces inflammation when your body is experiencing infection.


Garlic’s rich smell comes from its Sulphur compounds, with one of them being allicin, which is known to block certain enzymes that often lead to infection. Certain studies even state garlic can fend off colds if consumed regularly. A diet that’s heavy in garlic intake can also reduce the risk of colon, stomach, and esophagus cancers.


Grapefruits contain a large amount of vitamin C, making them one of the healthiest organic foods to include in your diet. Regularly consuming this superfood improves your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from other foods as well.


Do your research and avoid GMO-rich foods to dodge their detrimental effects on your body. Our bodies should be treated as temples. We only get one body in our lifetime and it’s our responsibility to take care of it. Being educated about the foods we eat and the supplements we take is one of the most important aspects of ensuring our bodies are properly taken care of.

Organic foods, non-GMO probiotics, and vitamin supplements contain enormous amounts of nutrients and should be consumed daily to give your body a boost in the vitamins it needs.