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5 Unseen Threats to Your Immune System

Your immune system is under attack… and not in the way you’d expect.

When you think about all your immune system does, you likely think about how it protects you against viruses and bacteria. But what you may not realize is that your immune system faces lesser known – but equally as destructive – direct threats every day.

These unseen threats are particularly sinister because they can sabotage your immune system and deactivate critical immune cells, compromising your immune responses. And they can force your immune system to overreact, triggering or worsening autoimmune diseases… or to under-react, leaving you extremely vulnerable to whatever’s going around.

Since you can’t easily avoid these immune hazards, you need to take proactive steps to stay healthy and protected.

But first, you have to know what you’re up against... And some of these threats may shock you.

Threat #1: Pollution

You probably know that pollution can make it harder to breathe – especially for people with allergies or lung conditions like COPD. But that’s just one way pollution attacks your health. Pollution contains immunotoxic compounds, meaning they disable healthy immune function. And the consequences of that exposure can take decades to show up, often in the form of chronic disease.

Pollution affects different types of immune cells in different ways. They stimulate pro-inflammatory immune cells. They alter the way lymphocytes produce antibodies (your frontline soldiers, also called immunoglobulins). And air pollution has been shown to impact immunity, even in children, by affecting the genes that regulate the immune system and immune cell responses.


Threat #2: Off-Gassing

Off-gassing happens when everyday items give off chemicals and you breathe them in. Have you ever opened a new shower curtain and been put off by the smell? That’s off-gassing. But it’s not always that sudden or obvious. And these volatile organic compounds (VOC) are often found in the places and things you spend most of your time around. Some of the most toxic off-gassing offenders include:

    • Gasoline
    • Paints and stains
    • New furniture
    • New carpets/floors
    • New mattresses
    • New vehicles
    • Personal care products.
    • Aerosol sprays
    • Cleaners and room deodorizers

Threat #3: Pesticides

The point of pesticides is to kill things – and that includes healthy immune system function. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all exposure to pesticides even if you don’t use them. If your neighbors spray their lawns… if your kids play soccer on a public field… if you eat any non-organically grown foods (and sadly even some organically grown foods)… then you’ve been exposed to pesticides.

Many pesticides can trigger immune system disorders. For example, carbamate pesticides cause immune system dysregulation and altered immune function that can make you more vulnerable to certain kinds of cancers, autoimmune conditions, and infectious diseases. And research shows that other pesticides, including atrazine and pyrethroids, kill important immune cells called leukocytes and interfere with the specific functions of specialized immune cells.


Threat #4: Radiation

You’re bombarded by radiation every day. Sunlight… radio waves… microwaves… Those are all examples of radiation. 

There are two main kinds of radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation does more damage because it delivers higher energy intensity. And even low-level exposure to ionizing radiation, think x-rays and airport scanners, can affect your immune system. Non-ionizing radiation has a lesser effect, but you’re exposed to it much more frequently and for longer periods of time. 

Research shows that radiation exposure ages and weakens your immune cells. That can set the stage for any number of health problems from cancer and chronic conditions to difficulty fighting infections. 

Threat #5: Forever Chemicals

Another huge threat to your immune system: widely used chemicals called PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances). Why are they called “forever chemicals?” Because their chemical bonds are so strong that they don’t break down – they can literally last for thousands of years.

And you’re exposed to these “forever chemicals” much more than you realize. You can be exposed to PFAS through everyday things like:

  • Nonstick cookware
  • Stain resistant sofas
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Food packaging, like pizza boxes and candy wrappers
  • Nail polish

In fact, an alarming CDC report found that 97% of Americans have detectable levels of PFAS in their blood.

How Your Immune System Handles Toxins

Your immune system is designed to protect you against all sorts of harmful substances, and that includes toxins. Your body recognizes that toxins don’t belong there, so it tags them as antigensits way of identifying threats.

When your immune system comes across toxins and other antigens, it counts on first-wave defenders called immunoglobulins – also known as antibodies – to neutralize them. Immunoglobulins bind to toxins, deactivate them, and help safely escort them out of your body. That protects you and your immune system from toxic threats.

But with constant exposure to unseen toxins (plus daily stress and worry), your immune system may need extra support to stay in fighting shape. That’s where serum-derived, bovine immunoglobulin supplements come into play. Supplementing with these immunoglobulins has been shown to help maintain immune balance.

Like your body’s own supply of immunoglobulins, serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin supplements help bind and neutralize antigens, giving extra support to your immune system and helping you stay “at-the-ready.”

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